Thursday, April 30, 2009

Those Pants

Good morning,
Did you see those pants on John Daly yesterday? Wow I couldn't wear them but I love them. I wish I could get a hot pink glaze, I would make those pants in a bead. I love orange and pink together. Red and Pink glazes are really hard to come by, a lot have lead in them. I refuse to use them and they are just difficult colors to make any other way. Therefore, I will just admire John's pants instead.

You may ask why the beads at the top of the post? I wasn't sure if anyone would read my post if there was a picture of a golfer on top of it.

Have a great day!
Jennifer Jangles


  1. Yes, I would have thought you had lost your mind if you put the golfer photo first. But I love those pants too! Okay, if we can't get glazes without lead, I will use polymer clay. The colors are fabulous!

  2. Woo! Put on the shades for those neon duds! That John Daly is a character...does he really need to call more attention to himself?!
    The pattern and colors would make a great bead!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. I love those pants and those beads!

  4. OMG... those are so funny!!!!

    How couldn't you be happy walking out of the house in a pair of pants like that!!!

    Have you had any luck with underglazes with the pink and orange???

  5. Those pants would make a great bead design. How about a pro golfer series??



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