Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Elizabeth Del Monte Necklace

My name is Elizabeth Del Monte and I’m a Jewelry Designer living in Miami, Florida. You can see my other work at

Materials included in the necklace are:

- Jangle’s Square Toggle Clasp

- Jangle’s heart and letters

- Small glass beads

- Closed jump rings

- Beading wire

- Crimp beads and covers

I bought these Jangles beads last year when I joined the South Florida Jewelry Art Guild (my first meeting), and immediately I went ahead and created the necklace. I wanted to have the “I love beads” letters up front because I really feel that way. I love any kind of beads. The clasp in the back looks really cool with the right shirt! I was sorry I couldn’t take the ceramic beads class, but this year I’m in.


  1. OMG!!! Elizabeth this is wonderful! I love seeing the SFJAG represented here. You're signed up for the class aren't you??
    Lynn from Miami

  2. I don't know if Elizabeth is around right now, but she did say she was signed up for the bead making class. I love what she made.

  3. Cutest! If I only had a lot of mola:) I already get into a lot of trouble on Etsy:)

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  4. I just love the color palette Elizabeth! Really complements the Jangles beads well. Enjoy the day!


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