Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lynn Yuhr Bracelet

Lynn Yuhr
President of the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild and beading fanatic, who has to try every technique or medium at least once and sells this hobby to her husband as the cheapest therapy around!

Take me Dancing - (Black-White-Fringe)

This design was created by stringing a pattern of Jangles beads with a section of size 6 seed beads (4 to 6 beads) in between. Fringe is then created off of the size 6 seed beads and is used as spacing between black and white Jangles tube bead and a few smaller Jangle beads. The fringe is made up of a variety of black and white seed beads, cubes, drops, crystals and pressed glass, whatever was in my stash at the time. the black and white color scheme keeps the bracelet looking dressy while the fringe adds some fun and flash.


  1. I love the fringe on this bracelet...

  2. Yes! Black is my favorite color...goes with everything! I love your comment..."the cheapest therapy around"...I don't know about the cheapest but it makes me the happiest and these beads are certainly happy-inducing! I will try that one on my husband too ;-)
    Enjoy the day!


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