Thursday, August 29, 2013

Website Renovations and an End of Summer Sale

Hi! Woot woot we are getting close to kicking off the last weekend of summer. I hope you've got big plans. I am celebrating the weekend as well as my website updates. It's been a long process, but they are finished. If you want to head over and see what the new place is looking like that would be awesome. I would love to hear what you think. Did I miss anything?

And since it's the end of summer, I'm doing a bit of clearing out of the shops. There's loads of beads, buttons, patterns and more. I need to make room for some new everyday, fall, and holiday items coming out of the studio soon. Starting today and running thru Monday use the coupon Summer20 to receive 20% off all of your orders in the new Jennifer Jangles web store and the Jangles Etsy Shop.

I'm sorry I can only offer this discount on new retail orders only and not on custom items or wholesale.

So get out and enjoy the long weekend!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Serro Scotty Redo and Ceramic Jewelry

Hey Hey!

Check out the picture! Yes, that's my jewelry but what I'm really talking about is my camper, Lucy. This is her debut as a backdrop for my photos. What do you think? I'm thinking you'll see a lot of her in the future. Tomorrow we take her to the camper store to get their opinion on wiring, water, etc. Super excited to pull her again. We've gutted the inside the best that we can. There's more moldy, wet wood to take out, but if we took it out now, we wouldn't be able to pull it. So after tomorrow mornings jaunt, we'll be back to working on her. I'm itching to do more. 

kitchen cabinets are gone

loads of trash

a moment of brotherly love


We plan on documenting the progress here on the blog so I'll be posting more soon. 

Oh and, the jewelry in the picture at the top. It's in the web store now. I have been updating the store and making it all fancy pants. You can see it here....make sure you hang out on the front page for a bit, the images change.

bracelet stack

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Latest from Jennifer Jangles

Hello, Hello,

I just thought I would pop in and say hey. It's been awhile since I just told you whats going on. Today is the first day of school for my boys. Yippee! We had an awesome summer full of travel. Couldn't of asked for a better one. With all that travel and having kids around it makes funny work hours, late night cramming, and putting things off.

So in the last few days I have run out of clay, my kiln has broken, and my sewing machine has broken. Seriously. I really want to get a newsletter out this week among other things. I guess everything I have put off is making itself known today.

Really all I wanted to do this week is get going on my Holiday Projects. It's only 2 months until they start! I've got plans underway, but I always want to do bigger and better than the last.

If you want to check out my past Holiday Projects you can go to the sidebar on the left of the blog, they are listed among the projects. Or search holiday projects at the top of the blog. If you want to receive this years make sure your signed up for my monthly newsletters. You can do that on the right sidebar of the blog.

Have a great day,

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Not So Spooky Fabric

My new Not So Spooky Halloween fabric and It's Christmas! is arriving in stores right now, and since the day I turned this line in I have been wanting to sew my Okey Dokey Owl and Friends Applique Quilt from the fabric. 

The quilt pattern is for a smaller quilt measuring 36" x 48". I wanted this one to be bigger so I added a couple of borders to the quilt. The outer border is a 3" strip of the black candy corn fabric. The 10" border is the border fabric from Not So Spooky and I added the Halloween Cat fabric for corners.

In other news, Therm o Web has dedicated a week to sewing with my fabric and patterns over at their blog. To celebrate my week on the ThermoWeb blog, my patterns are marked 20% off this week in my Etsy shop. I haven't seen everything that's been sewn yet, but what I did see was super cute.

I'm sewing like crazy this week so I will keep posting projects here in the new fabric as well.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where I've Been

Hey, hey! I am back from vacation, whew, it was loads of fun. We took the boys to England and France for a couple of weeks. Niks mom is British and they were visiting London for a month so we took my mom and the family headed across the pond to join them. We were able to show the boys places that Nik had lived and played as a child. We all had a lot of fun. I took a ton of pictures but going back through them, they were all kind of the usual Big Ben, Eiffel Tower pictures. So I just picked out a few that might be a little different. 

Above is my favorite village in England, Shilton. It's super old, but really, everything is super old in England compared to the US. Shilton is beautiful and they have a dip. Dips amazes me, here's a picture below. That's a stream that flows over the road. Cars are suppossed to drive through the water. In the US they tell you how you should never drive through water and here they encourage it. While we were in Shilton for lunch, I did get to see a handful of cars drive though.

We visited Cuckney, England, where Niks family is from. Here's the pub/bed and breakfast where we always stay. We got to have a family gathering with some aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

Not too far from Cuckney is a castle. We stomped around it for awhile as well.

Then we headed for Paris for a few days. It was a super quick trip, but I love France and can speak a bit of French from all of my high school and college French classes. If I was going to be that close I was going. We hoped on the Eurostar and went through the chunnel and were there in two hours. We hit all the tourists spots and showed the boys the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and more. But most of all, I ate my way through the city. Oh man do I love French food, the bread, the butter, the cheese, the pastries....I'm going to be spending some time on the exercise bike because of Paris.

 London was our home base for the trip so we spent a lot of time exploring the city.

Oh, and I bought a suitcase full of yarn! I'll show you pictures when I take some...I just couldn't resist the colors.

Have a great day!

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