Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pin Cushion Round Up

I just finished up the PDF pattern for the Sew Happy Pin Cushion and I thought it would be a good time to round up all of my pin cushion patterns, tutorials, and kits. You know, get them all in one place. Sometimes you just want to make a pin cushion, right? Pin Cushions also make great gifts. Here is a list of the Pin Cushions above, starting at he top left and working our way down.

I also have Pin Cushion Kits....

and there are a few more in my Stitch Kitsch Book that ships in September.

I have marked down all of my Pin Cushion Patterns until this Saturday, June 20th.

And if you want to pin this as a reminder for future sewing projects, run your mouse ove this image to Pin.

Have a great day,

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Monday, June 15, 2015

BugaPalooza Border Prints Found


I have been getting lots of questions about where to find the Bugapalooza Border and Main Floral prints. I am sold out and it is sold out at the In The Beginning Fabrics warehouse. I did a quick internet search and found the prints in a few places. If you are a quilt shop or an online store and have these prints, please list your shop name and location in the comments.

Here we go...

Cabbage Rose Quilting Fabrics

Find X Designs

Wandering Stitches

Pacific Fabrics

American Quilters Society

Stitch Stash Diva

Back Door Quilt Shoppe

Hancocks of Paducah

Have a great day!

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Georgia Celebrates Quilts Show this Week, and I'll be There!

Hey, Hey,

I am super busy here getting ready for a quilt show this week. I don't usually vend at quilt shows but this one is kind of local and they invited me to have a booth. I like getting out and seeing people, you know it sometimes quiet at the Jennifer Jangles studio. If you are anywhere near the Atlanta area please come this weekend. There will be 350 quilts on display as well as vendors selling their wares.

Here are all of the details:

East Cobb Quilt Guild
Thursday-Saturday June 11-13th
10-6 Daily

Located at 

His Hands Church
550 Molly Lane
Woodstock, GA 30189

I'll have my new Jolly Holiday in the City, which isn't even in stores yet, Bugapalooza Fabric, kits, Ice Cream Bowls, and more. Follow me over on Instagram (username Jenniferjangles) to see how I'm getting ready for the show. The studio is a disaster!

Hope to see you there!

As a note: Starting on Wednesday some stock will be taken from my shop for the show, including Bugapalooza and Ice Cream Bowls. That means if you had your eye on something, now is the time to grab it.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Picnic Blanket with BugaPalooza Fabric

It's finished! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've probably seen some glimpses at the Bugapalooza Picnic Blanket I have been working on. What's a picnic blanket? It's a quilt you take on picnics, or to the beach, but I know you already know that part. :)

Some folks like to use a waterproof backing, or a twill or canvas backing to make the blanket heavier. I decided to keep mine all cotton, but I choose a heavier and stiffer batting to help weigh it down a little more. Before you ask, I have no idea what kind of batting it was, it was in my studio from another project and it wasn't labeled, I just liked the weight and went with it.

Here's how I pieced the quilt top. I made this quilt half yard friendly. I used eight different half yard cuts of BugaPalooza fabric to cut the inner blocks. The inner blocks are 9" square and there are 36 of them sewn together, six rows of six.

The cream dot borders are 4.5" in width. To cut these the most efficient way I could, I cut a one yard piece of fabric in to 1/8 yards strips and then sewed two strips together. The seam of the strip lines up with the middle seam of the 36 blocks.

Then that nice big border(almost 10" wide) was added to all sides. It took me 2.5 yards of border fabric. There are four borders to one width of fabric. Two opposite sides were sewn on and trimmed and then the two remaining border pieces were sewn on. My quilt top was finished, it went together super fast.

For quilting I went with my favorite superior thread. King Tut #934 Nile Delta It's yellows and lime green. It blends nicely with all of the colors, I used it on a lot of my quilts.

I did a little meandering through the center and then did some free motion scallops to mimic the scallops on the fabric border. When it came to quilting the border, I loosely went around the flowers and insects.

Last was sewing on the binding. It's Memorial Day weekend, so I will definitely be putting this picnic blanket to use!

And if you want to make one yourself, enjoy free shipping all weekend in my web store. Enter the coupon code FREESHIP. (US orders only, expires Monday May 25th at midnight)

Here's the breakdown for cutting fabric again:
36 squares measuring 9" x 9"
4 Cream Dot Strips measuring 4.5" x 60"
4 Border pieces measuring 90" in length

Have a great day,

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The New Jennifer Jangles

Hey, Hey, My new website is up and running. I've been giving it a test run over the past few weeks and it's seems to be working just fine. The old site is going to disappear in a few days so now is the time to re-bookmark to this one just to be sure you can find me.

You might want to head over because there a little peek at something that will be coming in September....

Have a great day,

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Moving Sale!

There's a new Jennifer Jangles website on it's way. If you tried to stop by last weekend, you might have noticed I was having problems, sorry about that. I have been working non stop this week on my new one and if all goes well it will launch Sunday evening. In the meantime, I am having a moving sale. Do you know how long it takes to move all of those products over to a new site? I'm not looking forward to it and maybe you can help make my job a little easier.

A sale is in order, I have marked lots of things down in the shop, most of those things are 50% off! The fewer of an item I had, the more it got marked down. 

Plus, just because enter the coupon 10OFF and receive and additional 10% off everything in the shop

Have a great day,

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Embroidery Stitch A Long Recap

 How fun was the embroidery stitch a long? It was great to hear from so many of you brushing up on your stitches or completely learning embroidery for the first time.


I'm going to list all of the stitches here so they can be in one place for you to refer back to. Also, scroll to the bottom and pin the image to remind yourself later when you need to refer back.

How to Embroider Stitch A Long

How to Embroider, Transferring Your Designs

How to Embroider with the Running Stitch

How to Embroider with the Back Stitch

How to Embroider with the Split Stitch

How to Embroider, The Satin Stitch

How to Embroider, French Knots

How to Embroider with Cross Stitch

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Looking for a new project? I have embroidery patterns in my shop.

Thanks for Stitching a long!

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How to Embroider with the Cross Stitch

Today's stitch is an easy one. It's the cross stitch. It's basically two running stitches that are criss crossed. The only reason I added it to the sample is because there are a couple of ways to stitch multiples of them. Either way works, you can choose which is best for you.

First of all, start at the bottom left point of the "X" and bring your needle up. Send the needle back down on the opposite side of the line. 

Now this is where you can choose the method of stitching you like. You can continue across your row, stitching all of the diagonal lines the move from left to right or you can do one "X" at a time.  In the above photo I went ahead and stitch the line from right to left next and then moved on to the next "X". 

If you're doing a whole row, sometimes it's easier to stitch all of the left to rights and then go back and stitch the right to lefts. It will also insure that your right to left floss will be on top across the whole row. This gives your cross stitch a more consistent look.

Your sampler should be finished at this point, woo hoo! I really hope you had fun. Send me photos of your samplers or other projects you've stitched. Tag me on instagram #jenniferjangles with them or post them on my Facebook page. I can't wait to see what you've stitched up!

Have a great day,

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to Embroider, French Knots

The french knot.... I will admit this one took me some time to master. It can be tricky, but with practice you'll get the hang of where your hands should be and it will then turn in to something easy to do.

I choose to stitch my knots in purple. Here we go...

First, send the needle up from the bottom on one of the marked spots. Pull the floss all of the way through until the knot hits the fabric.

Approximately an inch above where you're french knot will be, hold the needle in one hand and with your other hand wrap the floss around the needle three times.

Here is the most important part, the hand holding the floss should continue to hold the floss, pull the floss pretty snug. The floss will slide down the needle, continue to keep the floss snug. Start pushing the needle into the fabric. At this point it should look like a knot on your needle, see the photo?

Here's a close up. If it doesn't look like this, your knot isn't going to turn out well, trust me on this. I have had to start over at this point many times.

If your needle looks like this, then send the needle all the way through the fabric. Pull the floss all the way through and you should be left with your knot.

Move on to the next one and try another.

There are loads of knots on this sampler so you'll get the hang of it and be ready to stitch anything.

Here is a graphic as well.

One more stitch and we'll have this sampler wrapped up, yay! Hope you're having fun,

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to Embroider with the Satin Stitch

How's the sampler coming along? Were changing floss colors today, yay! Grab your green floss and we're going to do the satin stitch. 

The satin stitch is great for filling in areas with color. The satin stitch is basically running stitches that are side by side. Start by pushing your needle up through the fabric on the line. Push the needle back through on the line directly across from where you came up. 

You next stitch will go right next to your first stitch. Be sure your needle is coming up and going down on the lines to keep the shape of the leaf. 

Continue stitching until you reach the other side of your leaf. Stitch all of your leaves this way. If you feel like your leaves need an outline to give them better shape you can always go around the outside with a back stitch. 

Here's the back, I just slid my needle through the floss on the back of the leaf and then trimmed it.

I used three strands of floss and the back stitch to sew the vines for the leaves. Next, switch to yellow or whatever color you chose for your flower and do the satin stitch again for the center of the flower. The outside of the flower is three strands of floss and the running stitch. Finish up the flower and vines today because tomorrow were moving on to french knots.

Have fun stitchin'

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