Sunday, October 14, 2018

Happy Birthday Fabric

Hello! I have new fabric arriving in stores soon. There isn't a specific date but sometime in the Nov/Dec time range. It's a birthday fabric collection. There is a free quilt project that goes along with the fabric collection for a Happy Birthday quilt.

Imagine the night before your special day getting to sleep under the family birthday quilt. I don't know what little one wouldn't love that. As the children grow older the birthday quilt will hold so many memories of past birthdays. It is sure to be a family heirloom.

The collection comes in a red and a blue color way. It's an easy quilt to make if you're wanting to make several.

Also along with the fabric collection, I have designed a table runner and place mat pattern. Using the same fabrics you can create table decor for family birthday celebrations. You can even make a hanging banner from the "Happy Birthday to You" fabric panel, how fun is that?

I'll keep you posted on the fabrics arrival and be sure to ask your local quilt shop if they will have it available.

Have a good day,

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

DIY Deer Ornament


Supplies Needed:
Fabric scraps or 1/8 yard
Two sticks for antlers
10" cording or yarn
Glue gun
Needle and thread

The printed pattern can be found here.

1. Place two sets of ears together and stitch around the raw edges. set aside.
2. Place the right sides together of the deer. Knot the cord and place at the top with the knot outward and the loop facing inward.
3. Stitch around outside, leaving the bottom straight edge open. Clip the curves and turn right sides out. Fill with fiberfill and hand stitch closed.
4. Stitch the ears to each side of the head.
5. Trim the sticks to make antlers as close as matching as possible. Cut a slit in the head on each side just large enough for the stick to slide in.
6. Arrange the stick in each hole, secure with a drop of hot glue.

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Happy Holidays!


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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

DIY Quilt Block Ornament

Supplies Needed:
Quilting fabric scraps
Favorite block pattern 4-6" works best
Button approximately 1"
Cording approximately 10"
Tassel 3"

1. Sew you favorite quilt block. If you don't have a favorite block, there are tons of free block patterns on the Internet. I used my Sizzix half square die to cut my pieces. This would be great of you were making a bunch of ornaments. Press flat and cut a back to the same size as the block.

2. Place right sides together. Tie a knot in the cording and place at the top point. Pin so the knot is on the outside of where you'll be stitching and the loop is facing inward. Stitch around the outer edge. Leave an opening along one side for turning. Clip the corners, turn right sides out and fill with fiberfill.

3. Hand stitch opening closed. Stitch a button through the center of the block, going through the block the the other side.

4. Stitch the tassel to the bottom of the block.

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Happy Holidays!


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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Taking Pre-Orders Now for Ice Cream Bowls

Ice cream bowls are coming back for a limited time! It's been awhile that they've been sold out and it lots of you have been asking for them. I like to have everything you ask for, but I just couldn't find the time to get them painted up and in the kiln. It's quite a process. 

I got to thinking how we could make this work and it hit me.... pre-orders. You can head over to the shop and place you order for one, two, three.... however many bowls you would like. Then they will ship on October first (approximately). I will glaze up a few extras for mishaps, etc. so a few might go in to the shop, but I wouldn't count on them being there, these bowls tend to go fast. Pre-ordering is the way to make sure you get one. 

There are four colors available. You can see them here in the shop.

And because sometimes you need a cherry to go on top of your sundae, I will be taking pre orders for sew on cherries as well. Woohoo, so much fun!

Any order placed for a bowl will include the printed pattern for the pincushion pattern shown at the top. And if you would rather eat ice cream out of the bowls, you may. They are food safe and glazed with non toxic glazes. They are dishwasher safe even though I recommend hand washing. They make great Christmas gifts too!

Pre-orders start today, September 11th and will run until September 20th, 2018. After that, ordering options will be taken down.

International orders are no problem. Email me with what you would like and I will set up a custom checkout for you in Etsy.

Contact me if you have any questions.
Have a great day,

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Make a Friend Doll and Clothes Sewing Patterns

Hello!  Can I just say how much fun I had designing these for you?

My mermaid doll pattern has been very popular, but it never dawned on me to sew up a doll pattern, until recently.

I will tell you a bit about each pattern. First is the Make a Friend Doll. She is 20" tall and takes 5/8 of a yard of fabric to make. You can use felt or polar fleece for her hair. He pony tails can be customized by length and placement if you're making a doll to look like someone special.

Even though she is 20", she can wear those popular 18" doll clothes most of the time. And vice verse, those dolls can wear the Make a Friend clothes. Here are a couple photos of the dolls in the Make a Friend clothes.

Her feet are the size of store bought newborn socks and shoes.....more options to dress your friend.

And the sundress pattern is included with the doll pattern so she'll have something to wear while you're stitching up all of those other clothes in the wardrobe pattern.

This pattern has all sorts of options to keep you sewing for a while. The pattern comes with all if the options you see here. There are undies, socks, shoes, dresses, pants, shorts, and shirts. I am guessing you'll be able to come up with other outfits from the pattern as well.


I'm thinking about a sew a long, like we did with the Little Llama last year, what do you think? Let me know if that's something you'd like to do in the comments.

Have a great day,

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Friday, June 8, 2018

DIY Sewn Flower Pot Covers, a.k.a. Plant Bags


Hope your days are going well. I've got a new sewing pattern for you. These plant bags are easy to make and they don't take much fabric. In this post, I will also let you know how you can add handles or make your plant bag a hanging planter. That version is my favorite.

The pattern includes instructions for three sizes of bags, 4", 6", and 8".

To get the printable sewing pattern, you'll need to sign up for my newsletter. You can do that here. Once you confirm your subscription, the pattern will be emailed to you. While your waiting for your pattern to arrive and your planning your fabrics. Here are a couple of options for your bags.      

To make the hanging bag above. You'll need three pieces of rope or cording the length you would like your bag to hang, plus another 6-8". With the plant bag folded over, mark three places around the top of the bag so they are space evenly. This will ensure your plant hangs evenly too. Tuck the rope under the tab and sew around the outside of the tab at each marking. Be sure to catch both the folded over flap and the layer of bag underneath when sewing. 

Bring all three ropes together at the top and tie a knot and your bag is ready to hang.
Handles are made the same way as above. Once your bag is sewn, cut a couple of squares from faux leather. Use a rope or cording and tuck the raw edges under the tabs before sewing to each side of the bags. 

Want something else to sew? Here are a few more of my new patterns.

Have a great day,

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Applique Pillow Project

 If you have any kids that want to learn to sew this summer, here's the perfect pillow project to teach them how to sew.

Think of all of the other project possibilities with these appliques.

You can download the project and pattern pieces here.

Have fun!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How to Make the Happy Camper Softie with Zoom Zoom the Car

Hello! I have had lots of people ask about how I made this camper and if I have the sewing pattern available. Zoom Zoom the car is pulling it and that pattern can be found here.

It was made using the Happy Camper Bag Pattern with some modifications. I'm going to give you the steps here so you can make one yourself. 

You'll want to follow the same steps as the bag for cutting and applying the appliques to the front and the back of the camper. Leave off the wheels and the flower appliques.

The sides are different because you are leaving out the zipper. You'll cut the bottom and the grass with the same measurements listed in the pattern. The body piece will be cut at 18.25" x 5.75". You don't need to cut lining, handles, or binding for the softie either.

Follow the instructions for sewing together the outer band. The outer band is the top cream, bottom blue, and grass pieces. Once those are sewn together you can add two more window appliques to the body fabric of the band.

If you want your camper to be pulled by Zoom Zoom, you'll want to sew a tab so they can connect. The tab will be added to the Happy Camper and a button will be sewn to the back of Zoom Zoom. You can see the tab below.

Cut the tab 5" x 5" fold in half with right sides facing. Sew around a short side and the long side, turn and press.  Stitch a button hole at the finished end to fit your button. Insert the raw edge of the tab when sewing the camper together.

Cut twice as many wheels. Applique the hub caps on four of them. Place the right sides of the wheels together and sew around, leave an opening for turning.  Turn and stuffed  and then hand stitched on to the sides of the camper.

Hope that helps in sewing up the camper softie, if you make one send me a picture. Pleas ask if you have more questions.

Have a good day,

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Affiliate Opportunities with Jennifer Jangles Sewing Patterns

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