Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Easy Felt Pirate Ship Bag Pattern

Today I am bring you a free pattern for a felt boat bag. With the new pirate and mermaid dolls I have been making lately, it just seemed like they should have a boat to sail in. This boat came together really fast. You can download the pattern pieces here.

To begin, download the pattern pieces first. I used felt for the outer and lining of the bag. If you use something lighter like a quilting cotton, it's probably best to iron some interfacing to it to give the bag more structure. You'll need some scrap felt or cotton for the flags and rope cording for the handles. 

After you cut out the pieces, pin the flags onto the boat similar to the photo above. Top stitch with your sewing machine across a few times.

Place the outer shell and lining together for all of the pieces. Cut approximately 10" for each handle of cording. Place the ends between the two layers for felt and secure with pins. Sew across the top of the bag pieces. Repeat for the second side.Stack all of the boat sides together so the outer pieces are on the outside and the two lining fabrics are face to face inside the stack. Sew down each side of the boat.

Pin the bottom of the boat to the sides, like shown above. Once pinned, sew around the outer edge. 

 Get the pattern pieces here.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring in Bloom Roundup

I don't know about you, but for me, spring isn't "official" until Easter makes its mark. Now that winter is finally in my rear view mirror, I can get excited about everything blooming around me and all of the new and interesting projects that I can create.

This week I searched for some inspiration to spark my creativity. Here are a few of my favorites picks from some of my favorite bloggers.

1. Fabric Flowers

Don't throw away those old t-shirts! Create a beautiful hand bouquet for a special occasion or just for fun.

2.  Bee Bags

Bzzz!!! Beautiful spring flowers and bees go hand in hand. These adorable bee bags are a fun homage to the busy little helpers. Click the link above for information on where you can find the fabric and free tutorial.

3.  Quilted Table Runner

Brighten up your table with the fun colors of spring with this easy quilted table runner. It's a great way to use up some of your favorite fabric scraps.

4. Children't Apron Pattern

These adorable apron patterns are perfect for little helpers in the kitchen and oh, so easy to make.

5.  Coffee Cozy

Coffee Cozies aren't just for winter. Protect hands when drinking your favorite cup o'Joe with these brightly colored coffee cozies.

6. Personalized Notebook Cover

Journal lovers rejoice! Here's a great way to personalize your plain, store bought spiral notebooks to create a one-of-a-kind treasure for yourself or as a gift.

7. Spring Twigs 

Bring a little bit of nature indoors with my Spring Twigs tutorial. It's a great way to use up fabric scraps and super easy to make.

Springtime is a great time to dust off old projects, create new ones and be inspired by all of the beauty that the change of season brings. I hope these fun projects will help you to stretch your imagination and create something beautiful.

Friday, May 19, 2017

New Sizzix Dies

New dies are coming from Sizzix, they will be in stores very soon. I am very excited to show you them. Over the next few weeks I'll give you some project ideas as well. First up is the pirate/ballerina die. 

This die is similar to the Cat,bunny,bear die because it has so many options. Of course you can make a pirate or ballerina doll.

You can make a boy or girl doll with this die as well(top photo). Plus you can turn these into appliques for quilts, pillows, shirts, bags and more.

Next up is a little mermaid doll. She's about 6 inches tall and would be so fun for a little one to carry around. She's easy to sew just like all of my dies. Did you know that there are videos that show how to make all of the projects from the dies? They are here at the Sizzix website.

And last but not least, the Happy Camper Pin Cushion. Until now it has only been available as a kit. So many of you have asked for custom colors to make it like your camper or a friends camper. Here it is. It's got a wing, flags, and heart for customizing the camper in many ways. You are going to have so much fun, you'll want to make a whole trailer park.


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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New pattern alert from Jennifer Jangles

I have been working extra hard around here to get patterns to you this year. #patterngoals

This week I have two new patterns. They are available in paper and digital format. If you a quilt shop these along with the new typewriter softies can be ordered through your favorite distributor.

Little Llama Softie

This guy or gal is easy to sew. It's a pattern, where a front and back are sewn together, no gussets or tricky pieces. As you can imagine it's great for a new sewer or if you're looking for a quick project.. You can find the digital version here and the paper version here.

Ice Cream for Sale Mini Quilt

If you're looking for another mini quilt to add to your wall, how about the Ice Cream for Sale mini? You can complete this quilt in an afternoon. The appliques can also be used on bags, shirts, and more. The digital version can be found here and the paper version can be found here.

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Have a great day,

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lots of Ladybugs Flag in Lowes Stores

I was at Lowes the other day because it's garden planting time and was so excited to find this in the store.

I designed a ladybug flag for Lowes. It's in every store in the country. Eeek! You sewists might recognize those ladybugs from Bugapalooza fabric. So next time you at Lowes and you find the flag, you can say to another customer in the store, "my friend painted that".  And if you get one and hang it in your garden, please send me a photo, I would love to see it!

There are two sizes garden and house. If you don't have a Lowes near you it can be ordered online from them. Here's the link. As most items like this, the flag will only be there this season.

Have a good day,

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sew Small, 19 Little Bags

                   Sew Small_19 Little Bags: Stash Your Coins, Keys, Earbuds, Jewelry & More

It's available now! I am so excited to share my latest book with you. Sew Small, 19 Little Bags.  Bags for organizing are one of my favorite things to sew. I don't know about you but I am always in search of the perfect bag to hold my keys, my jewelry, or my art supplies. I don't want to count how many bags I have probably made in my lifetime, especially if you include all of the bags as gifts. And yes, there are lots of bags that would make great gifts in this book.

Here are a few photos, you'll have to get the book to see the rest.

I am currently using the flower pouch to hold my essentials oils, it's a nice standing pouch with a snap, that could hold many different items.

This little wallet has a removable wrist strap. It has a zipper pouch inside for coins as well as pockets for cash and cards.

The ladybug pouch is great for clipping to a bag to hold earbuds or a charger. Super cute!

Here's a video I made showing some of the bags in the book as well as a complete how to for installing a zipper. Zippers are sometimes intimidating. I hope after watching the video you see that you can definitely tackle a zipper.

You want to get a copy? Check you local quilt shop first. If you can't find it there, you can order it from Amazon or C&T publishing.


Have a good day,

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