Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Easy Felt Pirate Ship Bag Pattern

Today I am bring you a free pattern for a felt boat bag. With the new pirate and mermaid dolls I have been making lately, it just seemed like they should have a boat to sail in. This boat came together really fast. You can download the pattern pieces here.

To begin, download the pattern pieces first. I used felt for the outer and lining of the bag. If you use something lighter like a quilting cotton, it's probably best to iron some interfacing to it to give the bag more structure. You'll need some scrap felt or cotton for the flags and rope cording for the handles. 

After you cut out the pieces, pin the flags onto the boat similar to the photo above. Top stitch with your sewing machine across a few times.

Place the outer shell and lining together for all of the pieces. Cut approximately 10" for each handle of cording. Place the ends between the two layers for felt and secure with pins. Sew across the top of the bag pieces. Repeat for the second side.Stack all of the boat sides together so the outer pieces are on the outside and the two lining fabrics are face to face inside the stack. Sew down each side of the boat.

Pin the bottom of the boat to the sides, like shown above. Once pinned, sew around the outer edge. 

 Get the pattern pieces here.

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