Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back From Miami

Hey, Hey long time no blog. I am back from Miami. It was a wonderful time and here is a picture from class. This picture was taken on our glazing day. The students were busy painting all of their beads they made the day before. You can tell from the pictures there was lots to do.

The beads are in the kiln as we speak and I will post some photos tomorrow once they are fired.

Thanks to everyone at the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild for such a great time and successful event. Have a great day, Jennifer


  1. How fun! Glad to hear it was a great trip!

  2. Thanks to Jennifer we all had another great class in Miami (actually two!). Everyone had a relaxing, creative and fun weekend. Can't wait to see the beads. Thanks again Jennifer!
    Lynn from Miami

  3. I love my beads. I think that it really helps to take this class more than once. I actually think I more than one usable bead. Thanks Jennifer.
    Harriet Rudoff

  4. Harriet,
    So glad you like your beads. They turned out great. You second timers had some really great beads.


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