Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lynn Yuhr Necklace

Dots n' Drops (Blue-Lime-Kumihimo)

This design was created using the ancient braiding technique called "kumihimo". Typically used for weaving fibers into beautiful braids, it has been adapted to weaving with beads. The beads were strung on eight cords and placed on a loom called a marudai. The design is created depending upon the order of the beads and on which cords you string them. I have coordinated a Jangles 'black and bright' large bead and cones with size 8 frosted lime seed beads, cobalt blue drops and a sterling silver toggle clasp. This weaving pattern used 8 cords and looks very similar to bead crochet.

Congratulations Lynn! You've won a 50.00 retail gift certificate from Jangles.


  1. Yay! Lynn, you won! Congratulations....Jennifer

  2. Woo-hoo!!! I am dancing in my bathrobe and lime green crocs (okay, so my jewelry is better than my fashion sense). Can I use it when you come down in a couple of weeks???
    Love the Jangles!!
    Lynn from Miami

  3. Gorgeous! I could never have the patience to do that sort of thing. Congratulations Lynn!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Well...if your crocs are lime green you could put the necklace on, it would match. Jennifer

  5. Hi Erin! Thanks for joining us,


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