Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Diane Symonanis

Artist: Diane Symonanis

Beading technique / materials: 67" Bead crochet lariat, using size 11 seed beads, silver beads, glass beads and the always adorable Jangles beads.

This was the first bead crochet lariat I ever made and it was totally inspired by the Jangles bead color palette. It took me 2 days to string the beads and 2 weeks to crochet it! (I'm happy to say I've gotten faster with experience.)

I am a member of the Oak Park Women's Exchange artist and crafters cooperative in Oak Park, IL.


  1. I love this necklace Diane...How on earth did you get the beads to blend from one color to the next?

  2. That's awesome! And quite the inspiration - bead crochet is on my list of things to do (granted, it's somewhere around #15 at this point...seriously - I have a list so I don't keep getting WAY off track)....But, I love the lariat and definitely want to try it out!!

  3. Katie,
    You should definitely take a class. i tried to learn by book for a couple of years and never could figure it out. Finally signed up for a class and I had it that night. It's time consuming but very meditative. Of course my crochets have always been pretty basic.

  4. Yeah - I have a book and a basic know-how of crochet, but I still think I will need to sit with someone to get the ball rolling...

  5. That is so amazing...all those little makes my head spin to think of the talent and time it took to put that all together! I love it!
    Enjoy the day!


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