Friday, September 30, 2011

What's going On

  Hello, Hello,

Man, I have been meaning to blog all week but the batteries were dead in my camera. I could never do a post without a picture. It took me until today to remember to charge them. But now they are good to go. I quickly snapped a few shots around the studio for this post. I'm going to take more pictures later today and then I will be good to go for blogging again.

So what's up? Happy Friday...wahoo. I have been working every Saturday at the gallery for the past month but this Saturday Katie will be working. I am really happy to have the day off.  Even though, I will still be dropping my boys off because they have clay class there. Here's a picture of some of their pots.....

 Aren't they the cutest things ever? Lisa, the kids clay teacher, has the greatest projects planned out for them. They also made the cutest turkeys, they aren't glazed yet so I'll show you them later.

And the stars in the above pictures...they were for a customer. I always have some painted and ready to go in the gallery. But Tiffany wanted a whole row of stars for her kitchen above her windows and doors. We lined them up to see how it would look. I am ordering more stars to paint today, it looks so dang cute, I am going to need some in my house as well. Love them!

Holiday projects start next week! Yikes, Katie and I are scurrying around to get things ready. I have so many things to add to the website and Etsy shop. I am working on finishing up some projects as well. I am doing my best to be organized, you know carry my summer of organization in fall. I just know that probably in about a month it will all fall apart when the holiday rush becomes reality. I'm doing my best to stay calm until then.

I noticed over at Etsy they are having their holiday boot camp. If you're a seller of any kind needing to get ready for the holidays they have some great suggestions. Because I am crazy, I do most of the planning in July and August when things are slow.

Happy Friday and see you soon!

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  1. LOVE the stars. That is a perfect idea! And I am always in awe of what you manage to accomplish. You are my hero, Miss Jen for being so prepared. Enjoy the day!

  2. I really like you stars they are so cute! It is fun to see what kids can create and the reasoning behind the creations.

  3. The kids work is just so much fun to see! The stars are great, of course, but nothing beats the creativity the kids can come up with. Love it Jennifer.


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