Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Stuff

Hello, Hello,

Happy Monday to you..or not, I guess it just depends if you like your Mondays. I'm not usually a Monday person, but now that I have actual store hours, I love Mondays. It's my day to stay in yoga pants and work on projects at my home studio. I am finding that Mondays are really not enough time to get it all done. At my home studio I paint, design, and sew. That's a lot to cram into one day a week. I am thinking I need to move the painting to the gallery. That way I would just be sewing and designing here. I think it would be a bit more manageable that way.

Oh...I made this new necklace above. I have been wearing it a lot lately. I took a really bad photo of me wearing it with my phone. I am loving these wood slat components. You would think they might fit you next funny, right? But they don't, they are really comfortable. Just wanted to prove that with the photo. :)

While I was at it, I thought I better make a bracelet. Here's what I came up with to match the necklace. I am really digging the wood/bright bead combo. I might need to make some more of these.

Have a good day,

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  1. LOVE the necklace! I just ordered a component set so I could have one of my very own! So excited!

  2. Got your order Alicia, thanks! I am shipping it out today.

  3. The necklace is adorable:)
    As for taking your work to.. well, work.. lol whichever you can stop and start easily so you can handle customers at the same time and that you have the room for :)The woman who ran the beading shop we used to have in town would work on her projects all the time... but they were small and easily packed up and carted around. Sewing would be fine if you did it by hand or hand a small machine that could fit in the store where you could access it easily without it getting in the way of the business. And depending on what it is you're painting, the same can be said lol either way, I'm sure you'll find the right balance and make it work :)


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