Thursday, April 28, 2011



I posted pictures of these pillows last year just after Quilt Market. Since we were looking at the new pin cushion kits yesterday. I thought it would be nice to revisit these. I made these pillows just the same as I did the pin cushions. Actually, I made the pillows and then I thought a smaller version would be a super cute pin cushion. That's when "Pin Party" was born.

I am a sucker for these felt balls, who doesn't love multi-colored polka dots? Okay there are probably a few of you who don't, but there can't be many, they make you smile.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quilts and More

Hey, Hey,

It's my first project ever in Quilts and More. I am super excited! You know why? This might show my nerd-i-ness here.....When you go through the checkout at the grocery store, this magazine is on the rack at the checkout. I have never been in a magazine that is so close to the register. I am in the book stores with all the crafty magazines, which don't get me wrong here, its a great place to be. But every time I go to the Krogers, I am reminded that I have a project in the magazine. This makes me happy because usually I don't like grocery shopping.

But anywho it's a pin cushion project and I have kits! Quilts and More shows one version of the pin cushion but I have three colorways in my store right now. I cut up every last scrap of purple flowered fabric I had to get as many kits as I could, but I have to admit that is my favorite fabric from Happy so I had used a lot for myself.

Several people have asked me about felt balls too. I have them as well in the shop under kits. I couldn't decide where to put them in the any better suggestions?

I will give you a tour.... Here's the purple version

The Blue Version... this fabric is my new line Polka Dot Garden

And the most popular fabric of my Happy line was the red flowers...

So I am working on a free project for you, a newsletter, new beads, oh my. Stay tuned...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday


Having a hard time waking up today. Yesterday I spent the day working in the yard, I trimmed bushes, used the chain saw to take down some bushes, weeded, mowed, and cleaned things up. Nik, who usually does these kinds of things with me couldn't help. He's got a torn tendon and a couple of buldging discs. He's got one arm strapped to his side in a brace so he doesn't move it.
I have muscles that are hurting today that I didn't even know I had, whew.

Today is a big day! I am shipping my booth to Salt Lake City. Wahoo, Quilt Market her I come(in a couple of weeks). It's going to be a great feeling to get that baby out the door. It's one less thing to think about and I love that.

That flower up's the pin that goes on the front of the Lottie Dot Bag. The instructions are included in my new sewing pattern that should be here any day now. Just in case you were wondering.

Okey Dokey...gotta get this show on the road, lots to do today, have a good one,

Friday, April 22, 2011

528 and a Sale


Hey, Hey, 528! That's my booth number at Quilt Market. I am always terrible about remembering my booth numbers. I had to look it up today(for the umpteenth time) to order my electricity for the booth. My mom taught me the "use a word three times and it's yours" technique. Did you know that one? If you learn a new word and use it in conversation three times then you will always remember that word and you will find yourself using it. I figure a whole blog post devoted to booth 528 should do the same trick. So 528, 528, 528....

Thanks for humoring me with that one. How bought a sale? I love a spur of the moment sale...25% off in the Etsy shop starting today and running through Saturday(that's April 23rd) Enter booth528 in the coupon box at checkout.

Happy Earth Day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beads and Such


How's it going out in blog land? It's alright here in Jennifer Jangles land. I just unloaded a kiln full of beads and buttons. I love to sort through all of the pieces when they have just come out of the kiln. It's fun to see everything. A lot of this will be shipped off but there are some beads in there for the Etsy shop, some buttons for the store, and some new work for playing around with. I can't wait to get to those.

I can't stand it any longer, I'm going to go sit with my beads now....

Have a good one,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Patterns

Hey, Hey....

I am taking a quick break from my booth building to let you know my patterns are on their way! Yipee! I have two new ones to tell you about. First is the Lottie Dot Bag. Can I tell you how much I love this bag? Remember this one? Well here it is spiffed up. It's super roomy because of the front pleats but it's not overwhelmingly huge to carry. There are soooo many options to make this bag your own, but we'll save that for another day.

Second new pattern..... Pretty Bird Pin Cushion.... This little guys is super cute, I have made about ten so far and I will be making more, they are so much fun.

The new patterns will be ready for shipping at the end of next week. If you're a store contact me if you would like to order so you can have them ASAP.

Back to the sewing machine for me......

Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Shoot


Hey, Hey,

Here are a few of my pictures from my photo shoot last week. I am really happy with the way they turned out. Especially with the photo of me. I almost took a picture of myself this morning so you could see how I really look, but then I thought I might scare you away. :)

Worked on the booth yesterday.... I think I changed my theme/idea four times. My dumpster dive was sucessful and that part of the booth I like. I am also getting close to having the walls decided on. I swear once I get the "bones" of the booth finalized I will feel better.

Totally changing subjects here... if you're local, you're going to be excited. The entire line of Polka Dot Garden will be in the shop soon! Wahoo, all 23 bolts. Can't wait, can't wait. I am thinking it's going to be another week and a half because I live on the other side of the country from where it's shipping. Watch the blog, you'll know when it arrives.'s a glazing day here at the studio....and while I glaze I will be staring at my booth and thinking....and thinking....and thinking....

Have a good day,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

One of those days

Ceramic Cherry Box 24.00

Good morning...

So a few days ago I wrapped up my two new sewing patterns. I was so happy because they and a couple other projects were consuming all of my time. It was such a great feeling to be finished. We left for our mini vacation and I was relaxed.

Monday night Nik and I were talking about how time was flying by and "How could it be mid April already?" Wait a minute mid-April? did that happen? You have seen my calender you know I have been using it but for some reason I was a little oblivious to the fact that it was indeed mid April. Quilt Market is in one month!

My booth was quite an elaborate one last time and I spent a good three months with it in my garage. Now one month before the show and I have a white sheet hanging on one of the walls and nothing else. I am in panic mode now, I don't work well under pressure. I hate pressure. So it gets worse, I am flying to Salt Lake City for teh show so I am shipping my booth to the show. If you have ever done a trade show in the past you know you have deadlines and they are usually early. I called and talked logistics with the company. It turns out I need to ship my booth by the 25th! In 11 days! AAAAH!

As a result...I forgot to set my alarm for the boys to get up for school, I forgot to send lunch money to school, I missed my turn and drove and extra 15 miles down the highway before I realized I missed my exit for baseball practice, and on and on... Completely a mess here, all I can think about is the booth.

I think I have come up with a plan a plan that will surely change. I can't give away booth details because at Quilt Market they have awards for best booths. Not that at this late in the game I have a chance at winning but I still want the design to be a surprise. I will say this, I am going dumpster diving today in hopes of finding display materials....keep you posted on that one. :)

One more thing before I go....I am trying something new today. I needed a picture for this post, gotta have a picture right? Well I have never put this jar up online anywhere and I knew that if I did, I would get asked if I was going to sell these in the Etsy shop. I have seen these neat buttons so you can sell like on Etsy but just on your blog. I thought I would try it out, if it works that would be great because I have lots of one of a kinds that I would love to show. There is one Cherry box and if you click on the "buy one" button it will take you to Paypal just like you're shopping in Etsy. Super cool eh? If it doesn't say "buy one" then it has sold.

Wish me good luck with booth design today, I am gonna need it....
Have a great day,

Monday, April 11, 2011

Folley Beach

We took a short little trip this weekend over to Folley Beach and Charleston. Friends were visiting there, as well, for spring break. We got to play on the beach, walk around Charleston, and eat....boy we ate a lot! There's going to be extra exercising this week.

The weather was beautiful and I could have stayed all week, but it's back to the studio today.

Hope you all had a good to ya tomorrow,

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Necklace


Here's my super simple but snazzy necklace, I just whipped up. I am so in love with gunmetal chain, can I tell you? First of all it doesn't cost a lot and second, it's almost black. If you know me at all you know I like to throw a little black in everything I do. I have a big spool on my desk and use it all of the time. Love it!

Anyway...only got four of these that survived the kiln. I learned a very important lesson about the way I loaded them in the kiln, next time I will turn the wire loops so they don't all stick! Ah... live and learn.
Everybody have a good Friday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ribbon Projects

Hey, Hey,

Check...First project off my list for Quilt Market. I just completed this wall hanging for the Renaissance Ribbons booth. We decided I would make a wall hanging that would combine my Happy fabrics, my new Polka Dot Garden fabrics, and my ribbons. I came up with this little 18" x 18" quilt. I had a ton of fun making it. There are several of my new ribbons on the hanging and I used it for my binding.

While I was playing with my ribbons, I made this necklace with a ribbon crimp.

Soooo...that's what's been happening today, oh and I added a new banner in my Etsy shop. It wasn't something I was planning on doing but it just happened. I am glad I did make it though, I think it goes with the blog better. But if you have ever made one of those Etsy banners, they are hard. They are so long and skinny I have a hard time fitting things in, like I would like. While you're checking out the new banner, I added some felt balls and ribbons in the shop today.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hey, Hey, Happy Saturday! Just getting my last minute supplies together for the pattern photo shoot. I had a minute to add a few things to the Etsy shop. I had a goal of adding something new everyday! Ha!...that never happened. But now I am hoping to be back on are some cute and springy flowers to help bring spring to your neck of the woods. And if it makes you feel any better, it's cold in Georgia this week as well. Come on Spring!

Have a great day,

Friday, April 1, 2011

Winner and Photo Shoot

Good Day!

I am here to announce the winner if the stack of fat quarters of Polka Dot Garden. I did the random number generator and I still don't know how to get that image up on my blog. I know folks do it....why can't I figure it out. I am guessing it's super simple. So I guess you'll have to trust me on this one. The winner is...drum roll...... Bahama Dawn! Kim, I need you address and I will ship these out to you right away. Congratulations!

It's a big day tomorrow at the ol' Jennifer Jangles Studio. I have a photographer coming to shoot photos of my fabric, a couple of patterns, and of me. I was working on the shot for the fabric this morning arranging flowers like I used to do a long long time ago. They smell great and are so springy. I have my pattern shots almost ready to go too. But the me shot...oh geez... I found out I needed some head shots for a top secret project I am working on. I had already scheduled my photographer so I thought what the hay...we'll just do it Saturday. So I called my friend Michelle for some beauty advice and serious help. She's actually a P.H.D. student but cuts friends hair for fun. We have already had two "beauty" sessions. The first was make-up.... something I know nothing about. I wear it but probably not the right way or color or anything. She did me up, then she cut my hair, colored away some of the grays...(yikes)... and styled it. I am all set for tomorrow, I am in good hands and she will do me up well. I will keep you posted.

Happy Friday,
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