About Me

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, I'm so happy you're here.

So you want to know a little more about me? Okay, you asked...I'm warning you now, this gets long...

The Basics

My last name is pronounced    "Hi  nen"   even though I will answer to "Hey nen" because that would be the logical way to pronounce it.

I'm married to a great guy named Nik, who gets embarassed if I show his picture on my blog, so I save him from that. Sorry you don't get to see him.

I have two boys that I love dearly. They are Fletch(left) who's eleven and Birk(right) who is 9. Here they are as little guys

and now the grown up version. They don't mind being on the blog because they think they are famous if they are on the internet. I hate to break it to them, it's not really true.

 I have two dogs, Otis and Rhubarb.

Yes, just like my sewing pattern, but I just had Otis when I named the pattern. But when "Sophie Grace" joined us I knew her name had to be Rhubarb.

We also have two gerbils, Gina and Minchi, I can't get hem to hold still for photographs.

My favorite spot on earth is the beach. I call it my happy place. We like to camp at the beach, Nik surfs, and my boys are learning. Until two years ago, I was allergic to the ocean and would break out in hives from it. So I guess, it's kind of weird that it's my happy place, either way, I still love it.

I also love aquariums and tide pools.

I live in Georgia, but I am from Indiana.

I have become, since moving to Georgia, a huge fan of football, especially the Bulldogs.

If I weren't an artist, I would be a meteorologist.

My Biz Story
My journey to where I am now started when I made my first Valentine for my dad when I was two. I made a clay ladybug when I was three, and sewed my first placemat when I was four. I haven't stopped making things since. I took every possible art class in high school that I could. I wanted to be a fashion designer. I would design and sew my own clothes for school. My parents would cringe when I walked out the door, but I did get voted "Best Dressed" in my class. My senior year I found ceramics and fell in love.  I then majored in ceramics at Indiana University.

I graduated and took a job doing corporate floral design, you know big hotel arrangements, parties and event stuff. It was STRESSFUL to say the least. One night in my sleep I threw over a dresser, I guess I was getting my stress out even though I don't remember it. As you can guess, Nik and I decided I should quit my job immediately!

I went to work as a teachers aid and started making ceramic tile mosaics in my spare time. I had several friends want to buy my tables so I decided to make a go for it and applied for some art fairs. In June 1997, I  had my first show the Wells Street Art Fair in Chicago. I did great and almost sold out. I didn't go back that fall to school, I started my career as a full time self-supporting artist.

Six years in to making tiles, fair life was getting old to me and I was ready for a change, I started making jewelry. The gift mart in Chicago called me to see if I wanted to rent a booth and sell my tiles wholesale. I said no but asked them to take a look at my jewelry. Two weeks later I was exhibiting at the mart with a full line of jewelry.

After a few years of making jewelry, we had adopted our son Fletcher and I found out I was pregnant. Travel was getting harder. I had been asked and asked if I would sell my beads and always said no. But there was this new show called Bead and Button in my town so I figured I would give it a try. I signed up, had my baby, and did my first bead show when he was six weeks old.

By now you've figured out that I am crazy right?

Most of my beads are pretty plain until they are painted and I was starting to blog and send out newsletters. I needed pictures and fun banners for them. I started to design with my beads. This eventually led to me painting on tiles instead of beads for my designs.

Now to back track a little, remember back in huh school when I wanted to be a fashion designer? Well I kind of gave up on the fashion part but not on the sewing and textiles. I always told Nik that when I was 36, I would go back to school and get my masters in Textiles. Well 36 came, and I still had the interest, but being the wife of a professor, I know what grad students make for teaching, if they get anything at all. I decided maybe grad school wasn't my best approach. So at night I would stay up super late and design repeating patterns for fabrics.

When I turned 36 I hopped on a plane and headed to Quilt Market. I walked around with my portfolio in hand showing fabric manufacturers. Thats when I met the folks at In The Beginning Fabrics. I fell in love with them and the way they go about producing fabric. Currently I am designing my 7th line of fabric. Crazy, I still can't believe it.

Designing fabrics then led to designing ribbons, bags, jewelry, and more.

I would now tell you about my hobbies, but, it's kind of the same as my work. I know it's confusing to some people, but if you love what you do as much as I do, then it's never really work.

So if I am not making something, then I am hanging with the Heynen boys, walking the dogs, or sitting on my porch drinking a mocha.

Thanks for stopping by, please drop me a line an tell me about you,

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