Thursday, May 22, 2014

Little Hanging Basket Pattern - It's Free!

This little hanging basket is perfect for storing your cell phone, headphones, keys or other small but very important accessories. Hang it on a doorknob, a hook, or a bedpost to keep those necessities handy.

Supplies needed:
9" x 12" outer fabric
9" x 12" lining fabric
9" x 12" heavyweight fusible interfacing
6" ribbon
2 buttons
Coordinating thread

Click here to get the pattern. Or you can click on this image and print it on a 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper.

1. Start by cutting the pattern piece from the outer, the lining, and the interfacing. Iron the interfacing onto the back of the lining.

2. Pin the ribbon hanger onto the fabric referring to the guides on the pattern piece. You might need a longer ribbon if you plan to go over a doorknob or bedpost, measure to get the exact length you need. For general purpose 6" of ribbon will work just fine.

Place the right sides together of the two fabrics and sew around the outer edge using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a gap for turning on one of the longer sides.

I have sewn in red thread so you can see my stitch lines.

3. Clip the corners and turn right sides out. Press and hand stitch the opening closed.

4. Start by shaping the basket so the lining is facing the outside. Overlap the shorter edges, these are what will become the sides, a temporarily secure with a pin. Align the bottom of the sides with the bottom of the basket. Pin and sew. Do this for both sides.

5. Turn the basket right side out. Arrange the side flaps so the the front flaps are pulled more towards the back of the basket. Tack stitch in place and sew a button on for decoration. Repeat for the second side.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Unloading The Kiln

I get super excited every time I unload a kiln. I always say it's like Christmas when you were a kid. Everything goes into the kiln covered in glaze that is all one color. My glaze these days is green so every button, bead and bowl is green when it goes into the kiln. I fire to almost 2000 degrees F so it's hot and I have to wait for it to cool down.

Over the years I have built up some heat resistant fingers. You know at restaurants when they tell you to watch the plate because it's hot? I just grab it without problems and it always gives the waitress a scare.

After I can open it all the way, it's about 150 degrees. Everything is suspended on high temperature wires. Glaze is basically ground up glass so when it reaches it's firing temperature it melts. If things were sitting on the kiln shelves, they would be stuck there forever. That is why everything is hung on wires.

I pull everything out and lay them on a metal tray. They are still pretty warm at this point.

Bowls and pottery have clean bottoms so they sit directly on the shelf.

Here are little bird nests sitting and waiting to be brought in to the studio.

 Pottery is waiting patiently as well.

After cooling a little bit more, the beads and buttons are taken off the wires. Next, I sort them, put the buttons on cards and photograph them for my shop.

Enjoy your day!

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