Tuesday, November 28, 2017

DIY Clutch Zipper Bag

Hello! Here's a project that you can make over and over, in all sorts of fabrics. Every bag will turn out differently.

It's a great size measuring at 8" x 10" your phone, keys, and wallet will fit with room to spare.

Here's what you'll need to make your bag.

Cut 2 pieces for the top 3 1/2" x 10 1/2"
Cut 2 pieces for the bottom 5 1/2" x 10 1/2"
Cut 2 pieces of lining 8 1/2" x 10 1/2"
Cut 1 piece for the handle 3 1/2" x 17"
Cut 2 pieces for zipper tabs 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"

You'll also need:
12" of ribbons and/or trim
12" zipper
1 3/4" D ring


1. Start by placing the right sides together of a top and bottom pieces for the bag. Align and pin one of the long sides together. Sew along this edge and press open. Repeat for the second set of top and bottom pieces.

2. If you are using ribbon or trim top stitch across the front of the bag along the seam.

If you are new to sewing zippers, here a video I created that shows you step by step.

3. Fold the zipper tab in half and press. Open up and turn the raw edges in towards the fold approximately 1/2" and press . Insert the zipper into the tab. Stitch across to secure.

4. Fold the second zipper tab just as you did the first tab. On your work table place the front bag fabric on the table. Align the sewn zipper tab with the end of the bag front. Trim the other side of the zipper so that when inserted into the tab, the length will be the same as the bag front. Sew to secure.

5. Flip the zipper over so that the zipper head is facing down, Line the edge of the zipper up with the edge of the fabric. Pin in place. Place a piece of the lining fabric, face down, on top of the pinned zipper. Make sure the outer and lining side edges are lined up. Pin the fabric in place. Using your zipper foot on your sewing machine sew using a 1/4" seam allowance. The edge of your zipper foot should line up with the edge of your fabric.

6. Keeping the fabric pulled back from the zipper as shown in the last photo, lay the zipper onto the remaining piece of outer fabric. Once again make sure that the zipper head is facing down. Line up the side edges with all three fabrics as well. Pin the zipper onto the outer fabric and then the remaining lining fabric to the zipper. The lining should be facing down as shown in the photo. Sew along this seam just as you did the first side of the zipper.

7. To make the strap, fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Open up and fold the raw edges in approximately 1/2" and press. Fold back in half again. Note: Interfacing can be added here for more stability. Stitch down each side of the strap.

8. Cut a 2" piece off of the strap. Slide the D ring onto it, align the raw edges and pin to hold. 

9. Slide the long strap over the D ring, fold over 1/2" and pin. Take the opposite end of the strap and fold over onto the pinned end. Sew across the raw edge and strap to secure. I sew a couple places to make sure the strap is sewn really well. 

10. Pin the short part of the strap approximately an inch down from the top on the front left hand side. Be sure the strap is facing inward.

11. Be sure the zipper is opened 2/3's of the way so you can easily turn it. Now arrange the bag pieces so the two outer bag pieces are right sides facing and the two lining pieces are right sides facing. Pin everything together. When you are ready to pin the zipper tabs, fold them in half. Make sure that the teeth of the zipper are facing the outer bag fabric pieces.

(Pin this)

12. Sew around all of the edges. Leave a three inch section at the bottom of the lining for turning. Clip the corners. Trim all of the excess ribbon, zippers, etc. Turn the bag right sides out. Hand stitch the opening in the lining closed. Push the lining in to the bag.

You're finished! Now when I make these bags, I sew a flower pins to go on the bag as well. If you sign up for my newsletters you'll receive the pattern for free.

I also have a book with 19 more bags to sew. You can find it here on Amazon or in my shop.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

DIY Holiday Project Round Up

Hello! Happy Holidays. Today I am rounding up a whole bunch of projects for holiday decorating and giving. Here's a list that will keep you busy sewing! As always have fun!

Do you have a pickle ornament on your tree? This is a fun tradition that the Jangles family has been doing for years. The boys love it. The pattern even comes with the printables for the jar, great for gift giving. Find it here.

The ball is made from 12 pentagons sewn together. This makes this pattern really easy to adjust to any size you would like. The pattern pieces below are are all ready for you to print in the size of the ornament, which is a 4 inch ball. The snowflake embellishments are included as well in the printable pieces.

These lollipops were featured in Quilts and More a few years ago, just in case you're thinking they look familiar. The pattern was available through the magazine only but now I can share it with you. These are fun to make are are a great scrap buster.

If your new to sewing or piecing, this is a perfect project to try. If your center points don't line up, it's okay, they're covered with a button. There are only two pattern pieces for this project, so I do hope you sew some up.

I decided that it was time to have a Christmas tree in my studio again this year. It's been awhile and now that's it's up, I have been having loads of fun making ornaments for it. First up on my lists of ornaments are todays Holiday Project number 4. These ornaments are a great scrap and trim buster. They don't take much to make and as usual, I couldn't just make one.

My boys like gift cards and I like giving hand made gifts. This is my solution for giving them what they want and still getting to make them something as well. I'm stitching up a lot of these for under the tree this year.

Here's a pair of appliquéd Snowflake Pillows. I'm thinking there needs to be a matching quilt in my house with these as well. You can find the printable appliqué pattern here. These two pillows are 16 and 18 inches. The appliqués are for these two sizes, but you could always play around with your print settings and make the appliqués larger or smaller to meet your needs.

I made this little zippered stocking pouch just like I made my easy zipper pouch. The only difference is the shape. You can find the instructions for the zipper pouch here. A PDF of the stocking pattern piece can be found here. It's ready to print full size and ready to go.

Looking for a small gift this season? Do you love making gifts and wish you had more time? Here’s the perfect gift to make if you are on the go.

I actually I think I will hang mine on a door, but you could use it on a table as well. Theres a PDF to download with all of the full size appliqués for the quilt.

I came up with this one about a month ago and got super excited about the idea. When I sat down to make the project I had so much fun, I know it's a good one when I am laughing and smiling through making it. I hope you have as much fun as I did making these. 

I had a lot of fun making this Snowman Mug Rug. You can find the full size printable Snowman Mug Rug Applique Pattern here.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

DIY Penguin Softie Sewing Pattern

Elmore Penguin, the Modern Version

One of the first sewing patterns I gave away on my blog was Elmore Penguin. I decided to update him to make him more modern. You can find the printable pattern for Elmore here.

Have fun and as always let me see your penguin, tag jenniferjangles on Facebook or Instagram. I can’t wait.

Happy Sewing,

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

DIY Apron Sewing Project

Fabrics needed:
Pocket 1/3 yard
Apron front 1/3 yard
Apron back 1/3 yard
Ties 1/3 yard
Trims length at least 12" for pockets and 27" for apron

One piece of fabric 31” X 10”  for the pocket
Two pieces 12” x 26.25” in two fabrics for apron front and back
Two pieces 4.5” x 42”(for 84" tie adjust to desired length)

1. Fold the pocket in half with right sides together to make a 15.5” x 10” rectangle. Sew down each of the two longer sides. Turn right sides out and press.

2. From the fold measure in 5” and sew trims across at this measurement, if desired.

3. Fold the apron at 6” from the fold on to the remaining pocket fabric. Press and top stitch along each side to secure. Find the middle of the pocket and top stitch up the middle as well.

4. Stitch trims along the bottom edge of the apron front, be sure to be at least 1” up from the raw edge.

5. Place the front and back apron pieces together with right sides together. Sew the two sides and bottom using a 1/4” seam allowance. Turn right sides out and press.

6. Fold the apron fabric in half to find the center. Center the pocket on the apron front, and align the raw edges. Set aside.

7. For the tie, fold one of the lengths in half and cut. Sew the three lengths together at the two short ends with the longest piece in the middle and the two shortest on the outsides. Press open. Fold the tie in half lengthwise and press.

8. Open up the tie and fold in all of the raw edges a 1/2” and press. Fold back in half.

9. Find the center of the tie and align it with the center of the apron. Insert the apron into the fold of the tie. Pin to secure the apron into the tie and then continue pinning the tie all the way along the edge. Op stitch the tie and all side.

10. Using the whimsical flower pin pattern, make a flower pin embellishment if desired.

Happy Sewing,

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

DIY Holiday Sewing

Happy November! Here are some Turkey projects to get you sewing for the holidays. I hope you find your next project here, be sure to Pin them so you'll remember where they are. You can follow me on Pinterest to see them too.

You'll need the turkey applique pattern and the baby bib pattern. Follow the instructions for the one ruffle bib, you can decide if you want a ruffle or not on your turkey bib.

After cutting out the bib pieces, applique the turkey on to the bib. Stitch it on and then continue with the bib instructions.

Don't have a little one? How about a tea towel? The same turkey applique as the bib can be used on tea towels, t-shirts, and more.

And this potholder makes a great hostess gift. You can find the Turkey Potholder pattern here.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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