Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eggs and My Calendar

Good Day! I love this picture of all my eggs....

Easter is coming, April 24th to be exact so I thought I would get some of these babies in the Etsy shop ASAP. I am working on a basket for some of them now, but that's another post, down the road.

Here is my calendar, I am pretty sure I promised a photo in an earlier post. I can't find it now to link it save my life. But anyway... yes, here it is the map for the rest of the year. I know everyone is always amazed at how much I get done. This is my answer. I have said it a million times but I love to make lists and have a plan. I have so much going on these days that I had to print out 11" x 17" pages. Things are color coded as well. I just find that if I sit down and make a plan then down the road I am not wondering what to do next, I just look at my list and do what's on it. I think this might be my most impressive calendar yet. Do you use a calendar or list like I do?

Mugs...some one asked me about mugs in my shop... I have three in the Etsy shop today.
My plan for today? What on my calendar you ask? (I am pretending you asked) right now I am working on two new sewing patterns. EEEK! I am super excited about both and will let you know more once I get some pictures. While I am working on those patterns I am waiting for a kiln load of beads to cool. We're at 465 degrees right now and I can unload at 150. I need to take photos for tomorrows newsletter. I am really hoping you like what I have made because I am excited to show you.

Please come back by tomorrow...


  1. LOve those eggs!!! That photo is perfect, with the lovely green grass! Really making me anxious for Easter! And I love your calendar "wall" too. I need to do's nice to have it all laid out before you, isn't it? I have three calendars between my personal, the family and the work calendar...and it gets hairy!!

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