Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ribbon Projects

Hey, Hey,

Check...First project off my list for Quilt Market. I just completed this wall hanging for the Renaissance Ribbons booth. We decided I would make a wall hanging that would combine my Happy fabrics, my new Polka Dot Garden fabrics, and my ribbons. I came up with this little 18" x 18" quilt. I had a ton of fun making it. There are several of my new ribbons on the hanging and I used it for my binding.

While I was playing with my ribbons, I made this necklace with a ribbon crimp.

Soooo...that's what's been happening today, oh and I added a new banner in my Etsy shop. It wasn't something I was planning on doing but it just happened. I am glad I did make it though, I think it goes with the blog better. But if you have ever made one of those Etsy banners, they are hard. They are so long and skinny I have a hard time fitting things in, like I would like. While you're checking out the new banner, I added some felt balls and ribbons in the shop today.


  1. Love the new banner, love the new ribbons, and Love the wall hanging! You have been a busy girl! Have a fun spring!!

  2. Love the quilt! Your fabrics are wonderful and so much fun.

  3. Super fun, Jen! I love your new ribbons!!!

  4. Your quilt is absolutely stunning Jennifer. I realised I still have you sitting in my Google Reader almost a week after you posted this - I hadn't marked it as read because I kept having to go back and stare at the sunshiney, fun quilt (usually I mark things as read straight after reading them)! So I fugured anything that had grabbed me that much probably ought to be commented on - it's fabulous and I've been loving my 'view' in my reader!

  5. Thanks for stopping by and reading! Glad you like the quilt.


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