Wednesday, October 19, 2016

DIY Magic Wands

These were so much fun to make. Do you have a little person on your gift giving list this year?

Pattern Piece can be found here.

What you'll need:

5/8" Dowel Rod
Acrylic paint
Fabric for star and end
3 ribbons approximately 18" in length
Hot melt glue gun


1. Start by painting the dowel rod with stripes.

2. Sew the two stars together with right sides facing, leave an opening at the bottom of the star. Clip the curves, turn right sides out and fill with fiberfill.

3. Place one end of the dowel in to the stuffed star as far as it will go. You might need to rearrange some stuffing to get it in there. Hand stitch the opening of the star closed around the dowel.

4. Roughly cut a 4" circle from fabric. Run a gathering stitch around the outside. Pull the thread to gather up the circle and place some fiberfill around the bottom of the circle. Place the remaining end of the dowel into the circle and pull snug. Stitch around to hold the circle tight on the wand.

5. Place all three ribbons together and tie a knot in the middle. Tack stitch to the bottom of the star in front of the dowel.

6. Use a glue gun to additionally secure the ends of the dowel into the stuffed pieces.

I would love to see what you make, tag me on Instagram or post your project to my Facebook page will ya?


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  1. Really cute. I have a collection of magic wands so I'll have to make a few for myself.

  2. My granddaughters will love these! Thanks so much for the free pattern!

  3. Very Cute! Thanks, Jennifer!

  4. this is wonderful, thank you so much. I make items for the children's hospital, children in crisis, abused children and this pattern will be great to make with the dolls I make, I might even have to make some in tiny size for the dolls... we all need a little magic in our lives.. I know these are going to be a real favorite with the kids and they will be so fast to make... thanks again..

  5. Yay! So glad you like them. I love the idea of making doll sized wands too!

  6. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing your pattern with us.

  7. Wonderful, making one for the Elf on the Shelf tonight


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