Wednesday, October 12, 2016

DIY Electronic Dusters

Happy Holidays! What?

I cannot believe that it is time to start the ten Holiday Projects again. I am shocked, but ready to start sewing and crafting up some fun projects. How about you?

I will admit, this is a project that came from needing some of these myself. Once I made them and used them, I realized that they would be a great gift for men and other hard to make for folks.
Supplies Needed:

Micro fiber, ultra suede, or terry cloth fabric for dusting side
Quilting cotton for back.
Pom pom trim (optional)
Coordinating Thread

Printable Pattern pieces can be found here.


1. Start by cutting 1 of each fabric with the pattern pieces.

2. If using trim, pin to the outer curved edge of the quilting cotton. Do not pin trim on the folded side.

3. Place the dusting fabric on top of the quilting cotton so the trim is on the inside. Sew around the outer curved edge using a 1/4" seam allowance.

4. Clip the curves and turn right side out. If desired, tie a bow with the ribbon and tack stitch on to duster.

I would love to see what you make, tag me on Instagram or post your project to my Facebook page will ya?


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  1. I love them I am planning on making a few and am using the microfiber dust clothes, you can buy them in all colors!!

  2. Maria, great idea to use those cloths, wish I had though of that :)

  3. Hi, I found your blog throught the Sewcanshe blog featuring these dusters and I immediately subscribed to your blog, because these are so cute. I already printed the pattern, but I have a ( maybe dumb) question: Why do you cut the pieces on fold? Do you keep the fabric folded, so that you don't have a raw edge on the bottom?
    Thanks in advance,
    from Luxembourg, Europe

  4. What is the finished size? Thanks.


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