Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Studio Re-Do and a Sample and De-Stash Sale

Lot's going on here at the Jennifer Jangles studio. I just wrapped up five big projects in August, whew! I can tell you that I filmed and edited a video class for The Sewing Party where I'll be teaching Nov. 8th, designed two fabric lines, and completed two other projects that I just can't tell you about yet. In the midst of all of that I decided it was time to move studios. What? Seriuosly, if you went through this blog and saw all of the studios that I have had....

Here's what has happened, first off all we considered moving last year for more space but we love our neighborhood and yard. Nik wasn't exactly on board with the idea either, but he was willing to consider it. So instead we decided that we would make this house exactly how we wanted it. First up was the kitchen, it's almost finished and then I will snap some photos. We didn't do the kitchen ourselves but the plan was finished the kitchen and then we would work on the rest of the house. We have a giant list in order of how we will do things but pretty much every room is getting something done to it.

Since the kitchen is almost finished and I couldn't be patient any longer I started on the studio. The plan is to convert the garage into my studio, it's warm here and we never park in it. My biggest problem with my studio was the lack of windows and the garage has one (right now). I have plans to put in a door and another window on that wall. I'll give you more details and photos when the time comes. As you can see I have a huge pile in the center for donations, yep this is how I've been spending my weekends.

I have been pinning all sorts of studio ideas over on Pinterest. This is my favorite and it was a garage before it was her studio. 

This leads me to my Sample and De-Stash Sale. I have some BIG business plans for the fall and I need to make better use of my space. First things first...I had to declutter. I have un-earthed so many beads from my book and magazine articles, 

so many pieces of jewelry from my old gallery

supplies from my old gallery, 

and lots of sewn samples of projects. 

It's kind of ridiculous and part of me wants to keep every thing but my practical side says I can't. 

I have been photographing, editing, and listing for three days now. I'm getting close to be finished and I have decided this sale will start tomorrow at noon EST. There are over 200 listings that will be in the Etsy shop. Tons of them are 5.00, can't go wrong with that price right? Just trying to clear the studio.....

I hope to see you there and i promise to keep you updated on the studio re-do.


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  1. Jennifer. I assume that you are not planning to get rid of the black shelf in the middle of your garage, but if you are, the Charity Bee of the guild is looking for one to store fabric on at the Lyndon House.

    I cant wait to see the new studio.....hope it looks a lot like the one you light and inviting!!!

  2. Just checked your product on the shop its just lovely sure i will get back to you.Keep us updating with the lovable options


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