Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sewing an Awning, Cushions, and Curtains for the Camper, It's Glamping Week!

Welcome back to Glamping Week. I had so many wonderful comments yesterday, I hope I can reply to them all soon. Lot's of you seem to have childhood memories of camping and that's really neat to hear about. We weren't campers or glampers so I have to admit when my husband tried talking me into camping it took a few years. I finally said yes, when he said we could camp at the beach. The beach is my happy place and getting to hear the ocean as you sleep is pretty awesome. Plus, he was smart and bought us blow up air mattresses for the tent. That was a huge change in the way I had camped a few times before, no tree roots in your back.

I showed you all of the demolition and  wood replacement yesterday, today I thought I would show you all of the sewing I have been doing for this camper. Before we get started let's get some business out of the way. Did you sign up for the give-a-way?

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Okay, now we are on to sewing. We bought all new foam cushions for the camper, which meant they needed to be covered. This fabric was one of the first things I bought for the camper. I bought it last summer as soon as I saw it I knew it was the cushion fabric. So no, I didn't design it. I needed a heavy duty canvas for cushions, couldn't use my quilting fabric.

I bought red vinyl and made piping for the dinette cushions. There are four of them. Then I covered two long futon cushions and another small mattress for the loft. It was quite a weekend of sewing. But I am happy with how they turned out.

My next bit of sewing was the curtains. I made my easy to sew favorite kind of curtains for the camper. I chose two different sets of fabrics for the curtains. The front of the camper has the white with red and white striped trim and the back of the camper has plaid with a red border. Everything coordinates but I personally could never have all of the curtains match.

Just in case you want to make some of these curtains, this is how quick and easy they are. Your basically sewing a square, I wanted two fabrics so mine got a little more complicated. Measure the width of your window and divide it by half. Next, add that half number to the full width number. That's how wide the curtain fabric will be. Then measure the height of the window add a half inch to that measurement, now double that number. That is what this rectangle below is, I just sewed two fabrics together before I cut out my measurements. 

I sewed some small pom pom trim across the seam. With right sides together, sew the top edge to the bottom edge. You have a tube shape now. Press it flat so you have the border (if you have one) where you want it on the curtains and sew down each side. Leave about a 4 inch opening for turning. Turn the curtain right sides out and top stitch down each side. Piece of cake so far right? It's about to get easier.

They sell these rings in the curtain hardware department just about everywhere. You pinch the sides of the rings and the bottom opens up and you just slide the fabric in. Space them out across the top and you have curtains! My favorite part about these curtains is how easy they slide across the curtain rod. It makes them easy to open and close and in a camper we will be doing that a lot.

I guess you'll have to wait until later in the week to see them hung, because right now I have ow where to hang them.

On to the awning now, this is another one of those things we didn't stick to tradition on. Usually the vintage travel trailers have rope and pole awnings. But most of the time we are camping we will be on concrete and you need to stick those poles in to something. So we chose to make one that didn't need to go in to the ground. It will be much quicker to set up as well.

I found these pieces at sailrite, it's a boating store. One end fits onto a pole and then with the quick release pin it connects to the wall mounted bracket. 

I use the poles from an indoor art fair tent that I had for the awning bars. I just ended three. We kept them as long as possible because we figure we will live under the awning probably more than in the camper. It ended up being about 8 x 10. 

I bought a big roll of welting also. This is a little tube that you sew to the edge of the fabric and it slides through a grove on the camper to hold it. We are also using it on the inside of the camper to fill in corners and other seams.

I bought dyed acrylic fabric called Outdura, it can get wet and won't mildew or fade. Expensive, but I never want to sew another awning. We debated on colts for awhile and ended up going with black and white, you know that's kind of my "thing".

I made a template and cut out scallops. Any raw edges need to be covered in bias tape, made from the same weather proof fabric.

I also sewed little fabric loops in with the bias tape. That way I would have a place to hang my lights.

You can kind of see them around the edges.

And here are my lights. I bought them on Ebay, they are vintage blow mold lights. I have a thing for blow molded plastic. I found a seller that had a hodge podge listing of owls, lanterns, and honeycombs. I snatched them up and put them on a new light strand. I want to hang them on the awning so badly, but I think I have to wait for now.

That's it for sewing so far, I still want to sew quilts for all of the beds, storage baskets, etc. I just haven't found the time. I did find the time to make up this new pattern during all of my sewing. It started out for me. I wanted a bag to carry my makeup, jewelry, whatever in the camper. So I decided to make it a camper. You can find it in both shops, Jennifer Jangles Shop and the Jangles Etsy Shop.

 Have a great day!

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  1. I am enjoying your Glamping so much! I can't wait to see it finished. Would also love to win the prize. :)

  2. You have helped me learn a lot here, the curtains are sew sweet! . My younger sister recently purchased an older camping trailer and it will be fun making her some curtains and cushions for it for her birthday in June. Thank you for the chance to win.

  3. What I like best about Glamping Week is seeing how you are making something old look fresh!! Your camper is really looking awesome and I can't wait to see what it looks like all done! We are also campers and enjoy it very much! We bought a pop-up camper and it is still hanging in there.....I was reluctant back in the 90's when my husband wanted to buy one, but it only took me a few months to realize what I had been missing in my life.......the true beauty of all God gives us, enjoying even more fun times with family, and making memories that we will have forever! We live in southwestern PA and only get to enjoy it in the summer, but we are seriously thinking of taking it to the beach sometime soon. We love the beach too, but don't get to it like we wish we could, so we'll have to check out the beach campgrounds close to us. Thanks for the giveaway, and have fun finishing your camper!! :)
    Rose Swiokla

  4. I wish I'd had the glamping week ideas in the past. I could have used the tutorial for making cushions. I've made curtains for our trailer, recovered some of the cushions. My daughter had a swing set that had a "roof". the material disintegrated and I made a new "roof" for that. Also recovered the cushions on the swing set. Camping is so much fun, especially when you can see the things that you've done to improve your camper.

  5. Oh Wow! Everything is going to be AWESOME! I love what you are doing. My hat's off to you for all the work! I know it's fun to figure out something new. That canopy is amazing! Can't wait to see it finished! XO

  6. jennifer fraunfelderApril 1, 2014 at 10:45 AM

    Everything !! Your Glamping is awesome and I can not wait to see more ! I need to Glam my house. LOL. My hubby and I have been talking about how we need to move our girls in to separate rooms and clean out the "junk" room / "sewing" room and turn it in to a girl's bedroom to give our 2 girls their space. But then we talked about it and it would be like moving basically. LOL or Glamping. haha. So I am definitely learning a lot as our house is a very tiny space and it is basically like camping. so to speak. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway and for sharing a peak in to your daily life.

  7. You are beyond talented... sew creative . Thanks for sharing.

  8. How cute is this!!!! Love, love, love it!

  9. You are doing a wonderful job of decorating your little camper. Love the cushions.

  10. Wow! Love all the colors and patterns you chose this Glamping week. Thanks for this chance.

  11. Jennifer, your Glamper is so adorable....love how you made all the cushions, curtains & that awning had to be a lot of work! You did a fantastic job, & turned something ordinary into something extraordinary! :)

  12. Where do you come up with all your fabulous stuff! I always love everything you do. You even make glamping look fun!

  13. I love your vintage camper! And I am absolutely in awe of your cushions! This whole glamping week is such a great idea. Just like the snowman week was! I'll let you in on a secret while I am here. I never said before...... I have made SEVEN of your Valentines hearts already....Another reason to keep coming back!

  14. I'd love to see a photo of the finished cushions. I have covered cushions like that in the past, but I love the fabric you are using!!

  15. This is turning out to be so stinkin' cute, Miss Jennifer! I love the bright colors, the patterns, the attention to detail. Love that this is influencing your beads (those campers are delightful and I should have snapped one up!). I can see your happy family hitting the road in this and looking stylish and fun! Enjoy the day. Erin

  16. I love what you did with the cushions! Your camper will be awesome. It sure makes me want to go camping again!

  17. I'm looking to make curtains for my camper. Thanks for the ideas!

  18. I purchased your pattern for the camper bag a while ago, now I can't wait to make it!

  19. Where did you purchase your welt? and what size/brand/? Lovely awning!

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