Friday, April 4, 2014

Glamping Week, Cushions, Walls, and Curtains

Happy Friday! Were getting there on the little camper. I had a set back yesterday when I discovered that two of the seat cushions had been cut wrong. I have to take some thing apart and sew them back together, but now everyone has a bed to sleep on, whew! 

Nik and I hung the curtains last night and started moving some things in to the storage area. I am finding it takes a lot of thought to get all those nooks and crannies filled the best way.

We also go the table back in place. It's a bit beat up but it has gold glitter in it that matches the floor so we decided to keep it the way it is.

Then as I said yesterday I had plans for the woodgrain wall we decided to leave. I made up a sheet of decals in my Photoshop program and took them to my local printer. They were able to laser cut vinyl from my image.

Heres the sheet as I am cutting apart all of the words and pieces.

I taped them in to place so I could see where I wanted them. This took me about ten try's before I was happy.

You peel off the backing and with a credit card smooth the vinyl down so that there aren't any air bubbles.

The front peels off and then you have a permanent decal.

I chose a Dr. Seuss quote, "Oh the things you can find if you don't stay behind ".

I also hung up my retro glittered fish that I bought awhile back. It's really the only thing I have for the walls so far. I wanted to get the curtains and cushions in first. We also want to collect things from our travels to hang on the walls. Unfortunately, that's going to take awhile so I will have to keep popping in with those updates as they happen. 

It's going to be raining today so I am going to have to give it a day or two before I can get some awning with lights shots, but those and my other improvements will be coming. In the meantime I took some more photos of my fairy garden so here are those.

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  1. I just love seeing "before and after" projects. It's such a good way to see how things can be transformed and made into something very special. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Adorable! That is so much work! You'll be ready for a trip by the time you're finished! So cute! XO

  3. Love the fabric on the cushions - bright and cheery but won't show dirt/stains easily. Fairy garden is cute too.

  4. I also Have a vintage trailer needs lots of work does yours have a potty in it. Mine is only a 15 foot siesta yours looks bigger. I have an Ice box in mine. share more pictures of the inside.
    Dee in Idaho.

  5. I adore all of the bright cheerful colors/fabrics you have used!

  6. Oh! My! Gosh! Jennifer! You've done such an amazing job of lovingly restoring Lucy! You'll all have so much fun with her! I grew up camping in a Holiday Rambler, very fond memories. We left her year-round at the same camp ground on a lake only an hour away from my home. I'm still in touch with the kids (are we kids when we're in our late 40's & 50's) we camped with and our kids have met! Oh, the memories of campfires, smores, running barefoot through the camp, water skiing from one end of the lake to the other. Such fun!

  7. This is just like playing house as a young girl, dreaming of what "your" house will look like when you have one. Love going along with your projects and enjoy all the tips.

  8. Love the Dr. Seuss quote about what you will find if you don't stay or get left behind. What remarkable adventures Lucy will take you on! (Hope you might find a small place to post a cut-out of Lucy from the Peanuts...!) Happy travels.

  9. I love all of it! I love the sheets, the curtains, but probably my most favorite is the "USA" and quote! I love it!

  10. gorgeous little camper {finding one is on my "wish list" too}. the dr.seuss quote is perfect!
    looking forward to stopping by again and seeing all before/after ♥

  11. Hi Jennifer! Have you seen this?

    A fun blog post about one of your patterns! XO

  12. Hey very nice blog. Selecting the right Curtains defines your living place. Very good selection and the most important thing is, it is very innovative.

  13. Can you tell me the name of that fabric or where you found it at? It's so pretty!

  14. Hi, Jennifer, I love your blog site. I am interested in knowing the dates that you did repairs on your vintage trailer. I want to renovate a trailer that I have sitting in my driveway. And I would like to know some of your experiences with renovating your trailer. I love the fabric you used for your cushions and the red piping looks great. Thanks Audrey

  15. Love the inside pics of your camper. The quote is awesome! Do youn mind telling me the name of the font for the quote?

  16. I love what you did with those curtains. It reminds me a lot of my grand-daughter's room. We painted her room pink and put up some new curtains last week. I think it will look really good once we're done.

  17. I'm working on the curtains for our 61 Shasta right yours!

    Can you suggest a good fabric for the curtains? I found some cute material on Spoonflower and am unsure which would be ideal for camper curtains...maybe the basic cotton?

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


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