Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Etsy Items

Good morning!

Finally, work in the Etsy shop. wahoo!

So we made it through the first day of school. Everyone was a little tired and grumpy last night.
But the boys were up early this morning and excited about going to school again, whew! Fletcher even set his own alarm fifteen minutes earlier than usual so he could get up and shower before us. It was great, but really, is that going to ever happen again? Probably not, I will enjoy it while I can.

I made all kinds of things yesterday in the studio. Believe it or not, I was working on Christmas! Yikes, those ten holiday projects start sooner than you can imagine so I am getting my plan together early this year. I am also working on having all of my web store items in stock and ready to ship. I am getting really close to having it all. I have only managed to do this twice in all of my years in business. I'm telling you this organization thing rocks.

Come back tomorrow and I'm going to have a sneak peek of the store, I am really happy with how it's coming together.

Have a great day,

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  1. I love the black chain with that bead. It really adds something.


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