Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Bead Soup has Arrived!

Oh look what I got in the mail yesterday! EEk these are beautiful glass beads made by Jenni Connolly.

First of all I opened my envelope that came all of the way from Australia and I found this beautiful box with a tied ribbon and nice ribbon note.

Already I am impressed and excited. Inside were these glass beads. I am in love with the glow of these fuchsia and purple beads.

Jenni was also so sweet and a beautiful toggle, silver beads, and stones from Australia. Very pretty. I am going to have to make Jenni brain is reeling with design ideas. I am going to have to carve out a space on my work table so I can lay out my beads and walk by. I am going to let this design stew for a bit. Whoa....I said stew and it's a bead soup! funny or maybe I just think it's funny...Here's a link where you can find links from everyone who is participating in the Bead Soup Blog Party. September 17th is the official date for the hop. That is when everyone will reveal their designs using the bead soup they received from their partner. It's going to be fun!

Bead Soup Blog Party
Thanks Jenni for such great beads!


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous -- send that right over!!!!

  2. Even that ONE bead that keeps making me think 'jaws' >.< lol I swear I look at it and see teeth.

  3. Jennifer,
    what beautiful beads you received from your bead partner- the stones are glorious and I love the iridescence of the fuschia beads too.
    Have fun and it will be fun to see what you create with them.

  4. Love your bead soup! Those are some beautiful beads... have fun!

  5. Hi Jennifer... So glad you like them... Will be interested to see what you add of your own to make it more 'you'.
    I am looking forward to this crazy big blog's going to be awesome...see you then.

  6. really beautiful! How fun to get something from Australia! I love the pic of the kangaroo. How fun! This bead soup swap is so much fun!

  7. So many beauties! You are going to have a blast with this soup.


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