Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Little Mouse Ornament

Supplies needed:
Two scraps of fabric one for body one for ears 4" x 6"
Black six strand floss
Yarn approximately 10"

This link will take you to the printable pattern pieces.

1. Place the wrong sides together of the ears and stitch around the outside curved edge. 

2. Place the right sides together of the body. Knot the yarn tail and place between the two layers where the tail would go. Have the knot on the outer edge and the looped in facing inward. Stitch around, leaving an opening for turning. Clip the curves and turn right sides out. Hand stitch the opening closed.

3. Stitch the edges of the ears to the mouses body.

4. Using six strand floss, stitch the eyes and nose. To make the whiskers, tie a knot approximtely 1/2" past the end of the floss. Send the needle through the fabric at the nose. Pull the needle off the floss. Divide the floss into two sets of three pieces. Tie a knot and trim the floss to match the length of the other side of whiskers.

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Happy Holidays!


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