Wednesday, October 3, 2018

DIY Quilt Block Ornament

Supplies Needed:
Quilting fabric scraps
Favorite block pattern 4-6" works best
Button approximately 1"
Cording approximately 10"
Tassel 3"

1. Sew you favorite quilt block. If you don't have a favorite block, there are tons of free block patterns on the Internet. I used my Sizzix half square die to cut my pieces. This would be great of you were making a bunch of ornaments. Press flat and cut a back to the same size as the block.

2. Place right sides together. Tie a knot in the cording and place at the top point. Pin so the knot is on the outside of where you'll be stitching and the loop is facing inward. Stitch around the outer edge. Leave an opening along one side for turning. Clip the corners, turn right sides out and fill with fiberfill.

3. Hand stitch opening closed. Stitch a button through the center of the block, going through the block the the other side.

4. Stitch the tassel to the bottom of the block.

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Happy Holidays!


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