Wednesday, October 17, 2018

DIY Felt Succulent Ornament

Supplies needed:
Felt for succulents
Ribbon 20"
Clay pot 2-3"
Fabric(inside pot) 6" x 6"
Glue gun
Cording approximately 10"
Floss for succulents

Print the pattern pieces here.

1. Cut out the felt according to the pattern pieces.

2. For the large succulent, start by sewing a running stitch around the outer edge of one of the smallest petals. When you get to the end of the edges, keep the same needle and thread and start on the second. Continue until you have all three of the small petals sewn. Stitch all three of the petals together in the center.

3. Using the six, medium petals, start with one and stitch to the underneath side of the small cluster. Pinch the petal a bit when sewing to “gather” it a bit. Continue adding the five remaining petals in the same method moving around the cluster and layering them.

4. Tie a knot to secure and trim the floss.

5. Sew the four large petals just as you sewed the small pieces in step 2.  Arrange under the medium petals and sew to secure. Tie a knot and trim the floss.

6. To make the two smaller succulents, cluster the six small petals together and stitch with a needle and thread to secure. Stitch 3-4 larger petals spaced out around the outside of the small cluster. Tiew a knot and set aside.

7. Cut a circle roughly 6" in diameter. Run a gathering stitch around the outer edge. Fill with fiberfill and pull thread to secure. This ball will hold the succulents and fit snuggly into the pot. At this time adjust the ball to fit. Stitch to secure.

8. Hand stitch the succulents to the fabric ball. Knot the two ends of the cord together and stitch to the ball in between the succulents,

9. Using a glue gun, glue the ball into the pot. Tie a ribbon around the top of the pot and secure with glue as well.

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Happy Holidays!


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