Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Little Llama Softie Sew a Long - The Face

Welcome back to the Little Llama sew a long!I hope you were able to get everything cut out, ready for sewing.  A little reminder about the giveaway, etc. and then we'll get to sewing the face.

I will choose a random winner from Instagram and a random winner from Facebook who has posted a picture of their llama or llama in progress. Each winner will receive a 50.00 Jennifer Jangles gift certificate. The hashtag to use is #littlellamasoftie  You can tag me on Instagram as well. For Facebook, you can tag me or post your photo to my Jennifer Jangles page. You can post as many different photos that you would like.


I will announce the winners on July 28th (2017) so if you can't sew day to day with us, this will give you time to finish up.

As we sew, if you have questions, you can ask them here in the comments and then when I answer, everyone will benefit from seeing the answer as well. And by all means, leave me a comment to let me know how your little friend is coming along.

Let's get started! Today we will be stitching the nose and mouth, sewing it to the body fabric, and sewing the eyes onto the body as well. We are going to jump right in with a video. I came up with an easy way to transfer the nose and mouth lines to the felt. If you don't have a dissolvable pen, don't worry a thin pencil line will work the same. 

If you don't like this method, you can use transfer paper or water dissovable paper to transfer your stitch lines as well.

Okay, so the marks are on the felt, now it's time to embroider the marks. Here's a video of the back stitch, which is what I use to stitch the mouth.  

Once everything is stitch with floss, it's time to get the snout onto the body.

I might be lazy or efficient, I'm going to go with efficient here :) Instead of marking the fabric with where the snout goes, I have a little trick. Place the fabric on your work surface and place the paper piece on top, align all of the edges. Now peel back the paper a bit and place the felt onto the body fabric. Arrange it so the felt lines up with the snout markings on the paper. In the photo above you can see the felt is placed where it needs to go and we didn't have to transfer any markings. Woohoo. 


Pin around the felt to secure the piece on to the body.

Top stitch around the outer edge of the felt using your sewing machine. I usually stitch in about 1/8" from the edge.

Now it's time to hand stitch the eyes on. I use the same method as I did with arranging the felt onto the body. This time, once the paper is on top of the body piece, I push two pins in where the eyes are. You can peel back the paper a little and place the eye beads where they belong.

Now you can also play around with where you want the eyes and put them wherever you feel, that's the fun of making your own softies, you can give them personality.

If you don't have beads or you are giving the llama to a small child then small felt circles would work just as well for eyes. Sew the eyes on and we are finished for the day. Tomorrow we will be sewing the llama together. 

Send me your llama photos at info@jenniferjangles.com

I hope you're having fun,

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  1. Here, you've indicated that the snout embroidery is done first and then it is attached to the body/head. Your written instructions have the snout attached first and the embroidery done then.
    It might be a bit confusing for newbies.

    1. It can be done either way, I always like to give sewists options.


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