Wednesday, January 25, 2017

DIY Bear Terrycloth Washcloth with Jennifer Jangles

Hello, I am here with a tutorial for a washcloth bear. It might be easier to get your kids to wash themselves if they get to use a cute bear to do it. This washcloth uses my Large Quincy and Maggie Bear die from Sizzix. Cut out everything the same as you would if you were making a softe bear but cut out an additional two bodies.

Sew together two sets of arms, legs, and ears. Turn right sides out. Stitch the face onto one of the bodie pieces.

Next, pin the legs facing upward at the bottom of the front body.

Align the bottom straight edges and sew across.

Open the body pieces back up.

Arrange and pin the ears and arms to the facing inward.

Place the body pieces together with right sides facing. Stitch along the outer edge leaving approximately 3" open for turning. Turn right sides out and stitch opening closed. Push the lining up in to the bear.


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