Wednesday, January 18, 2017

DIY Applique Onesie with Jennifer Jangles

Hello! I am back today with another project with my new Sizzix dies. This project is an applique onesie with the Small Maggie and Quincy Die. I have always wanted to try applique on t-shirts, but I had never done. Truthfully, I was scared of sewing on knits. They stretch and move and it just seemed like it was a disaster waiting to happen. I am happy to report though, it wasn't like I was expecting at all. It was actually pretty easy.

Here's waht you'll need:

Quilting Cotton
Heat n Bond Lite or another lightweight paper backed fusible webbing
Wash Away Stabilizer

Prepare the applique for your onsie just as you would for any other applique project. If you are new to applique, here's a tutorial I wrote on the basics. Iron the applique to the onesie front.

Turn the onesie inside out and iron the stabilizer to the back of the front, where the applique is. The onesie fabric should be sanwiched in between the applique and the stabilizer. This is holding that knit fabric and keeping it from stretching.

Keeping other parts of the onesie out of the way of the needle, use a zig zag or blanket stitch to go around the outside of the appliques.

Follow the instructions on the package to remove the stabilizer from the onesie.


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