Wednesday, January 11, 2017

DIY Bear Hand Puppet with Jennifer Jangles

Did you know that you can turn Quincy Bear into a puppet? Let me show you how. 

You'll need the Large Quincy and Maggie die from Sizzix to cut out the bear. Cut out two extra body pieces. Once you do, applique the face onto the bear just as the instructions state. 

Pin the arms on to all four of the body pieces at the sides. Make sure they are all the same distance from the bottom edge so they align later on when you sew the pieces together.

Next, sew two sets of legs and two sets of ears together. Clip the edges and turn right sides out. Pin the legs facing up to the front of the body. Align the bottom edge of two bodies together with the kegs sanwiched between and sew across. Sew the two remaining body pieces together along the bottom edge as weel, this time there won't be legs in between.

Open up the bears and pin the ears onto the bears head at the top. Place the right sides together of both bodies so the arms all align. Sew all of the way around, except for a small portion on the side. Leave it open for turning.

Turn right sides out and sew the opening closed. Push the lining up in to the body of the bear and your finished!


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