Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Cake Embroidered Ornament

Looking for a small gift this season? Do you love making gifts and wish you had more time? Here’s the perfect gift to make if you are on the go.

You can find the pattern for the Christmas cake here.

Transfer your pattern using your favorite method. Once it transferred you are ready to stitch. The printable pattern has the stitch guide and floss recommendations if you want to stitch it exactly as shown.

To finish, first make sure the screw mechanism is at the top of the hoop, the fabric is pulled snug, and the screw is tightened.  Trim the fabric from the edges. You can glue a felt backing onto the hoop if you would like to hide the back of the stitching Tie a ribbon through the top screw mechanism. Hand stitch a bow onto the fabric just below the screw.

If you would like to try embroidery and don’t know where to begin, start here with my stitch a long.

I would love to see what you make, tag me on Instagram or post your project to my Facebook page will ya?


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