Wednesday, December 7, 2016

DIY Animal Christmas Ornaments with Jennifer Jangles

I've been on a bit of an ornament making kick around here. That's no surprise because this happens every year about this time. Maybe you heard that I have designed some new dies for Sizzx? You can read about it here on the blog. I knew I had to turn the Bear/Bunny/Cat die into ornaments.

The animals are made just as the softies are so you can follow along with the free project that comes with your die. There's a video here. Before you sew the two bodies together, add a string loop. If you forget you could always tack stitch it to the top of it's head later. 

For the scarf, take a piece of fabric approximately 10" x 3" and fold the long sides in a 1/2" and press. Fold in half again and press. Stitch across each short side 3/4" in from the raw edge. Clip the end to make fringe. Tie the scarf around the neck.


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  1. Too cute and loads
    of fun! Thank you.
    Carla from Utah

  2. sigh i dont own one of those machines so i miss out on so much cuteness
    way above my meger budget
    cute tho

  3. These are adorable...ordered the die yesterday and can't wait to start making some fun gifts for my new grandson :o)

    1. Yay Terry! Have fun making them, let me know how it goes :)


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