Wednesday, November 23, 2016

DIY Dream Catcher

Dream catchers were made by Native Americans to catch bad dreams.


Embroidery Hoop, any size, mine is 6”
Fabric torn into 1” strips
2 Pieces of felt 2” x 5”
6 strand embroidery floss
Assorted beads and buttons
Glue or needle and thread


1. Start at wrapping the hoop with the strips of fabric. When one ends, overlap it with the next strip and keep wrapping. When you get back to where you started, wrap the fabric several times. Glue or stitch the end in place.

2. Take the embroidery floss and tie in a knot around the hoop.  Stretch the floss across to the other side of the hoop and wrap the floss a few times to secure. Continue stretching and wrapping the floss around the hoop. Stop every now and then to string on a bead or a button.

3. Cut out two feather shapes approximately 3" tall. Cut slits up each side to create fringe.

4. Take approximately a yard of floss, Tie it around the hoop at the bottom of the catcher leaving equal amounts of floss on each side of the hoop.

5. String a couple beads onto each of the ends of floss.  Trim the floss to where you would like it to end and tie a feather to each of the ends.

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  1. I don't see the feather pattern mentioned in the instructions. Can you tell me where to look for it? Thanks! This looks cute and I think I'll make it with my granddaughter.


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