Wednesday, April 27, 2016

DIY Sleep Mask

 I will admit, this is a project for me just as much as it is for you. I have been wanting a sleep mask for awhile...thinking I would make know how that goes, it's a year later now and I am getting to it.

Why did I want a mask so badly? We officially have two teenage boys in the house. On the weekends, I am always in bed before they are. Lights are on, there's tv, music you name it, so I have to gear up with earplugs and a mask to get some shut eye. You should see me, I am quite a sight because I also have a bite gaurd and wrist brace....yep looking good! Is that TMI? Maybe we should get to the tutorial.

The downloadable pattern pieces can be found here.

You will need:

Fabric for the top of the mask
Fabric for the bottom and back of the mask
Felt for eyelashes
1/2" elastic


1. Cut out One top and one bottom for the front of the mask. Go ahead and cut out the felt eyelashes as well.

2. Next, pin the eyelashes onto the bottom of the mask, When pinning, flare them out a bit, so there is separation between the lashes. The notch at the top is there to help.

3. Pin the top fabric face down on to the bottom so the straight edges align. Sew across using a 1/4" seam allowance.

4. Press open the front of the mask. Place it on top of the backing fabric and use the front as a pattern piece for the back. Cut around the outside. Us the backing fabric to cut out a pice of bating the same size.

5. Measure and cut the elastic to the size needed for fitting your head. My elastic ended up being 15" long just in case you're making his as a gift. Pin the elastic just above the middle seam on each side of the front of the mask. Be sure the raw edges are facing outward.

6. Place the two right sides of fabric together, make sure the elastic band is tucked inside the two layers and pin. Place a layer of batting on one of the sides and pin as well.

7. Sew around the outside of the mask, leaving a 3" opening across the top for turning. Clip all of the seams and turn right side out. Press and hand stitch the opening closed.

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    1. Please do not use this space to advertise...

  2. Thank you for the pattern. I've been wanting to make a new one to replace my beat-up old one... by the way, I like the part that sits on the eyes to be satin -- it's less irritating than other fabrics --, and I insert a layer of black fabric between the inside and outside ones to black out all the light.

  3. this is such a cute sleep mask. I don't use one myself but I have friends that do and this will be such a cute gift for them. Thank you

  4. I just finished making one for my daughter . We have an apartment facing the street and too much light gets in, so this is pretty much important to us. I used a blackout fabric. Thank you so much for this simple and cute sleep mask pattern, it was so useful and easy-to-follow.

  5. Nice your post and good info of diy sleep mask of your post because diy sleep is easy to use for sleeping.


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