Thursday, August 22, 2013

Serro Scotty Redo and Ceramic Jewelry

Hey Hey!

Check out the picture! Yes, that's my jewelry but what I'm really talking about is my camper, Lucy. This is her debut as a backdrop for my photos. What do you think? I'm thinking you'll see a lot of her in the future. Tomorrow we take her to the camper store to get their opinion on wiring, water, etc. Super excited to pull her again. We've gutted the inside the best that we can. There's more moldy, wet wood to take out, but if we took it out now, we wouldn't be able to pull it. So after tomorrow mornings jaunt, we'll be back to working on her. I'm itching to do more. 

kitchen cabinets are gone

loads of trash

a moment of brotherly love


We plan on documenting the progress here on the blog so I'll be posting more soon. 

Oh and, the jewelry in the picture at the top. It's in the web store now. I have been updating the store and making it all fancy pants. You can see it here....make sure you hang out on the front page for a bit, the images change.

bracelet stack

Have a great day!

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  1. This is going to be great! Watching two young people re-do a vintage 1969 camper!!! I know it will be beautiful and colorful!

  2. I love mobile homes! luck with the recycling, will be beautiful

  3. Good luck with the remodeling job! Lotsa work!! I really love your stack of bracelets! Jewelry that makes you happy!! What more can we want?

  4. This is a cute pair of earrings and I would recommend to anyone who is going to get cute small earrings. They are fun to wear, especially for teen girls.


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