Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New PDF Sewing Patterns

I am so excited to have these make their debut on Etsy. It feels like forever ago when I started on them. They took longer than expected, as everything seems to do, but I wanted to get everything right since I am new to PDFs. I am a big fan of buying PDF patterns because I don't have the patience to wait in the mail. My goal is to build up a nice selection of PDF patterns as well as continue my line of printed Jennifer Jangles patterns. 

Okay, so here we go! First off, which might be one of my favorites..."Sew Happy".  My first thoughts were, who really needs a stuffed sewing machine? Then, do we really need half of the things we sew? The answer is of course not, but I love the process of making things and this machine is no different. It's fun to make and can't you just see it with sewing your name or a friends name on the name plate? How cute would that be. My sewing machine is now decorating my sewing room. If I had little ones, I would let them "play sew" with it while I was really sewing. 

Now we're on to Quincy and Maggie. Birkley named them for me. I wanted to offer an easy pattern, something that a beginner could handle. These bears are the result. You could put a rattle or a squeaker inside and a baby would have so much fun.

Oh Snap! is my camera bag purse. It's a purse you could use it to put you camera in or you could carry you keys and wallet in. I made the strap long for a cross body bag, but it could be shortened as a shoulder bag as well. It's fully lined but there are no zippers or snaps to worry about. The extra long flap in the front keeps everything inside.

Lil Okey is a baby version of my popular Okey Dokey Owl that's already in his second printing. Okey is about 12 inches tall so I thought it would fun to make some mini owls for him to watch over. These guys are a smaller and more simplified version of Okey Dokey.

Yipee! There are my new patterns. You can find them with instant download in my Etsy shop and soon over at Craftsy.

Hope you like them,

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