Thursday, June 14, 2012

Studio Redo

Hey, Hey,

Quilt Market and Bead and Button are over, my Jolly Holiday buttons have been shipped and it's time to relax right? Not quite...

So a long long time ago I had this beautiful studio. It was in Studios magazine and it even made it into there Studios book. Then a couple of things happened. the rain came after a very long drought in Georgia which caused flooding in my basement along with many others here. It was fixed, I repainted and did my best to get it together. At the same time all of this was going on I was just entering the world of fabric design, buttons were being made, etc. My studio became too small or just not set up for what I needed anymore. I just focused on my away studio and left this one be.

It's been driving me crazy lately. I really want to have a nice sewing area, better storage, etc. Now if you haven't figured this out yet, I like to redo my studio more than most others probably do. It might seem flaky but really I think it's keeping things fresh, and most of all me inspired.

So here we go again. Wanna hang with me while I redo this one? and another one? Oh ya, big plans are starting to take shape here. I couldn't be more excited.

 Here's my official helper. If there is a lap she thinks she is supposed to be sitting in it and I was sitting on the floor to take this photo. Right now she's in my lap as I type this post. So first I cleared most of the room and then I found these snazzy and super cheap peel and stick tiles. And as of right now, I think it's the only thing I will be spending money on. The rest I can do with what I already have. Sometimes it's just about mixing it up.

Stay tuned for more,

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  1. I love your studios. I would love to give you a crack at mine! But I have so much stuff crammed in there that I don't think I could move it even just to pain! I would love to paint in there. And my style is a lot more grungy and dark than yours. But I could see adding a wall of chartreuse in there somewhere.... Looking forward to the transformation. Enjoy the day! Erin

    1. Hi Erin! I love a good chartreuse, I say go for it!

  2. I really love your studios! That's how I found your blog and then I saw all the other awesome things you do and just kept coming to see what's new :). Can't wait too see what you're going to do with this one!

    1. Thanks Lucinde,

      Oh boy, hope I can wow you with this one. The pressure is on for me now! :)

  3. Hi Valerie!
    You're right they look a lot alike. I hope your guy is better behaved than Rhubarb. She played it so sweet at the adoption day, she's in to everything!


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