Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Necklace and My Boys


I feel like I have been non existent lately. Trust me, I am still around.I am wrapping up what could be my favorite fabric line ever. It has been a blast to design. I can't wait to show you, but as usual, it will have to wait. The deadline is this week to turn it in, and I am getting close to burning those files on a disc and mailing them off, but I still have some tweaking to do.

I had a crazy morning getting the boys off to school. Nik will argue that I don't really do much in the mornings, which most days is true. He gets them in and out of the shower, makes their lunches, and gets breakfast on the table. I come in for second shift which is making sure they are packed up and on the bus. Sounds easy, right? Some days it is, but today, they were rotten. Fletch only wants to wear basketball pants these days and today is picture day. I was insisting on jeans. Birk however, is usually my easing going child was trying to sneak toys into his bag. I caught him and things went bad. In the end he lost a lot of privileges had to sprint to get on the bus. The funniest moment was when Birk, who is eight, said, " I am almost, almost, almost a pre-teen, you should let me do what I want". 
There's a sound argument. 

Okay now on to pretty jewelry...

I made another necklace, this time I went with an eclectic look. Those are African trade beads with a bunch of different assorted dangle hanging from all of those loops. It was a lot of fun to put together.

Have a great day!

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  1. LOL - on Birk. I'm so glad mine are grown. One thing you can try is this. The next time you find something like that you can tell him he can take it but you will have to call his teacher and ask if it is now permitted and if she/he says it most definitely is not than he will have to endure the discipline and that the choice is his. It's kind of like when they were little and you'd ask if they wanted their eggs scrambled or sunny-side up. Point was they were getting eggs but they thought they were making the decision. Doesn't mean you won't get flack but maybe not quite as much. Hang in there! I had two boys and a girl - girls are worse by a New York mile for the longest.


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