Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bird Ornament, Holiday Project #9

Bird Ornament My pretty bird sewing pattern makes a great Christmas ornament or it can be turned into a mistletoe holder. You can sew your pretty bird with any fabric you like and use a ribbon to hang it as an ornament. The mistletoe holder shown in the photo is a bit more involved, here's how I did it.
  • 1/2 yard muslin
  • 1/8 yard beak fabric
  • gesso with mica flakes, or glitter glue
  • ceramic letters to spell JOY
  • assorted glass beads
  • 18 gauge steel wire
  • 1 yard red velvet ribbon
  • sprig of mistletoe
  1. Start by using the Pretty Bird Sewing Pattern and making the bird from muslin. I did not put any feet on my bird.
  2. Once the bird is completely sewn, paint a coat of gesso with mica flakes or glitter glue on the bird to make him sparkle.
  3. While the bird is drying, you can begin connecting he word Joy together with wire and glass beads. Make a large wire loop at the top for hanging your holder.
  4. Once your bird is dry you can sew the bottom wire loop onto the top of the bird.
  5. With your velvet ribbon tie a bow around the mistletoe. Tack stitch this to the bottom of the bird.

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  1. My bird turned out to be really cute using the clear glitter with mod podge as well as really fun to make! Thanks!


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