Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer of Organization

Hello, Hello,

My beads have been organized. I used some the other day and I found things. I also put thing back when I was finished, well for the most part. :) I wanted to show you what I have done. I am so happy right now with the state of my studio and business. There have been a lot of changes in the past few years, for the most part good changes. But with growth comes figuring out new ways of doing things and finding the time to figure out those new ways are almost impossible. I named this summer the "summer of organization". I like to name things, one year we had the "vacation of independence" I taught the boys over Christmas break how to get their own drinks and snacks, and other ways of taking care of themselves. I think they liked that I named it. They were also involved in this summers organization. We tackled their rooms first. Cleaned them out, donated a lot, and got them keeping them clean. Next we moved to the garage, it was a disaster but we got it back into shape as well. I also showed you my pantry and my bathroom. The linen closet is the only place left in the house on my list. Meanwhile at the studio......

Oh boy, I don't even know where to begin. I needed to make better use of my space. I expanded the store, we are having classes in the fall, and the studio needed more storage in general. Lucky for me when I cleaned out the garage I ended up getting four sets of shelves for the studio. I put them to use. We now have shelves for bisque, shelves for glaze, shelves for finished work. I have my beading area together, I am learning how to run my cash register(it's been a mystery sop far), I have made forms for everything. Pay sheets, special requests, class sign ups, you name it I probably have a form for it now. I ordered bags, tissue, and labels for the store and online orders. More to show you later on those. :)

I also ordered stock for the store. There are loads of cool things coming in, lots of super cool supplies that you don't find just anywhere. I can't wait to show you those as well. The orders are still trickling in.

There is still a list of things I want completed before labor day, that's my deadline, but I am getting there. Katie took the summer off, I miss you Katie! But she comes back next week and I can't wait for here to see all of the changes, it will be like the big reveal on one of those make over shows. She's organized and I am pretty sure I drive her crazy sometimes with the way I do things. I think she will be impressed.

Boy am I rambling on today! Even though my deadline is labor day, summer is about over hear. Today is the last day of summer camp. My boys and I are going to "hang" next week and then it's "meet the teacher day". Back to school.....

The "summer of organization" will be over, and I am looking forward to enjoying the rewards of being organized.

So if I have been slacking off on the Etsy shop and new designs lately on the blog...sorry...I was getting organized. But hold on tight because this fall is going to be a good one!

Have a great day!

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  1. Wow! You are an inspiration. I was just thinking about tackling my studio for the next few days - oh, one won't do it. haha

    I see some great ideas here to use. Thanks!

  2. Do it Carol! You will feel so much better and inspired to create. Good luck


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