Friday, May 6, 2011

Store Photos

I told you earlier in the week that Polka Dot Garden was in stock. At the time I promised more photos and here they are....

I have been doing lots of rearranging and building. Here is the front of the store last week. I have my sign and then I painted a big ol red open sign. That's to let people know I am at the gallery. I found found my business is too crazy to hold "regular hours". So when the sign is out you know I'm there. I am usually in around 8:00 and it's amazing how many early morning customers I get. I think it's because I am near a coffee shop and bakery.

So back to the store front, got a little off track there.... it's a bit boring and I wanted to spiff it up some.

I made some bunting from the new fabric ...

And I made this bench...

I am working on some big flowers that will eventually get "planted" out front as well. But there are too many other things on the list right now...

I am super excited to be headed to a bead show today. This is a wholesale show where I will be searching for all those cool beads to go in my kits and in the Etsy shop with my work. In years past I have come home with quite the loot, I am hoping to do the same today. I can't bring my camera into the show but I will definitely take photos of what I got.

Have a great day!


  1. Looking good! You are really making your mark on the place! This is a good thing!!! Love that bench!!! Can you make me some!? Hee.

  2. Oh how I wish your store/studio was nearby! Everything looks great! Have fun at the bead show!

  3. I love the improvements to the store front. It is so exciting that you have your own store. I wish you all the best.

  4. wow! You have been busy. the bench is fantastic, but i really really love the hippo :)


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