Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bench Building

Hey, Hey, Remember yesterdays new bench? It was so easy to build I thought I would pass along some photos. I didn't follow any specific directions so I can't give you exact measurements for cutting wood. I have spent a lot of money getting the store ready and I needed to make the outside look good on a budget. I had made a lot of wood saw horses for tables when setting up the store and we had a pile of left over 2 x 4's in the garage. The best part was they were all about the same length.

Here's my pile...
I found four all the same height and perfect for the legs. I set them aside. I then found four more that would make a rectangle the size for a bench seat. I nailed them together.

Next, I nailed the four legs into the corners of the rectangle. Looking like a bench already eh?

Then I needed to go to the hardware store. I couldn't put together enough of my scraps for a seat top. I bout 3 1x4"s. It cost me 6.00.
I measured how long I needed them to be and cut them to size.

Back to hammering...the seat slats were nailed on.

The only step left was the paint....

I knocked this bench out in less than an hour and I still had wood left. I needed a shelf for my new fabric. I put this shelf together. I had to spend 12.00 on the long piece of wood on top. I had a couple feet left so I built a mini shelf with it.

Painted it white....
There it is in the store....
I think in the end I had a couple 6 inch 2x4's in the garage and I cleared everything out. It fun to be creative to use up all the wood we had. My next building project is going to be a long farmhouse table for our back porch. I am going to build it just like I built the bench, but bigger. I cannot wait!

Happy Weekend,


  1. that is a very cool table!! cant wait to see the farmhouse table!

  2. My goodness girl...Is there anything you can't do??? You amaze Me..Hugs, Diane

  3. Love it, love it! Love these kinds of projects, they make you smile. Now let's see, what kind of wood scraps I have in the shed..

  4. cada día me gusta mas tu trabajo !!!

  5. Jennifer cada dia me gusta mas tu trabajo!!saludos !!


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