Monday, May 30, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Quilt Market wrapped up and Bead and Button preparations began. Whew, not to mention that we had the end of the school year in the middle of that too. It's been slightly crazy around here.

Orders are wrapping up from Quilt Market and I am shipping a whole bunch on Tuesday. Wahoo and thank you Quilt Shops!

Yesterday I spent all day glazing beads. What? It is a holiday weekend? Not for me....

Beads are ready for Inspiration Kits for the show. Just need to get my beads out of the kiln to go with them.

I will keep you posted as the week goes on, there is still so much to do! I am super excited about some new items I will be offering, first at the show an then online. I think a sneak peek will be in order.

Have a great day,


  1. You are amazing. Can't wait to see your sneak peak!!

  2. cant wait to see the sneak peek of your new items! i have missed your blog posts the last few days, but i know you are busy busy busy! good luck at the bead show!

  3. Jennifer - I love your work!!! I bought some of your buttons and with one of them I made a darling pin cushion!! Thank you for your wonderful talent!! Kris


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