Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

Hey everyone...Hope you had a wonderful and long weekend. Officially the last weekend of summer, I can't believe it's over. We took the Heynen boys on their first camping trip. We went to the beach with some friends. Friends that could teach Nik how to surf, because he has always wanted to learn. He did great and I got to watch from the beach, I love to watch surfers but you're not going to find me out their with a board.

Hurricane Hanna's waves are already reaching the Carolina's, so Monday the waves were pretty big. If Hanna comes our way, this will be the first Hurricane for us since we moved to Georgia, there aren't any of those in Wisconsin! We are four hours inland so we wouldn't get what the coast gets but still it's a hurricane and for those of us who haven't been through one, we are wondering what will happen. I am kind of excited. If you haven't figured out yet from reading my blog, I am obsessed with weather. I really thought I was going to have a second career as a weather woman, but the artist thing is going so well, I hate to mix it up. I will save it for another lifetime, but I would like to chase a tornado before I die.

Wishing you an easy Tuesday......

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