Monday, September 29, 2008

Jangles Beads and Fusion Beads

I am sooooo excited! My new fall beads are officially up on the Fusion Beads website. Yahoo! This is the only place you will find these beads. If you haven't shopped at Fusion before, you should give them a try. They always have free shipping, they carrying a huge amount of beads, and they are super nice.

They even have a cool project featuring my new beads called "Flamenco Fever", how cool is that? You can even download the instructions for free.



  1. Congratulations! Will Fusion carry them in their Seattle store, too? (Nice for me, since I live there!)

    They even gave you top billing under Artist Beads (your beads are 2nd on the page so they show up on the screen without scrolling).

  2. Congratulations Jennifer!

    Those beads are so cool, and it must feel great seeing your own work being offered at Fusion Beads.

  3. Jennifer, nice nice nice! Hey, are you planning next season's beads...?

    at Rings & Things


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