Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good day....

I unloaded my big kiln yesterday and I found a happy surprise, my beads were super bright. They are always bright but yesterday they seemed extra bright. I don't know if it's the new studio lighting or the fall weather we are having. Either way, I was happy. Here are some of the small pendants that came out, I am going to try to get these up on Etsy sometime in the next week. I need to get my little tubes of bead mixes that go with them made first.

I have been working in my studio in the evenings designing more jewelry. I love designing on my comfy couch, I am getting about 2-3 pieces made a night. I feel myself needing more beads, I think I will be doing some bead shopping today. How fun!



  1. Having a space that works for you is obviously creating room for more creativity - hmmm, maybe I can use that argument to get my studio painted too! Thanks for sharing the process and the results, it's inspiring. And causing ideas of my own space improvements!

  2. Lynn,
    Paint is cheap and it does wonders for your mood. The worst part is actually painting, it's such a pain. I am glad I could be of inspiration to you. Keep me posted if you do improvements.


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