Friday, September 12, 2008

Flower Lariat

Simply Beads copyright 2008

Here it is my other, and favorite project in the October Simply Beads magazine. I really like this necklace for many reasons and here they are:

1. It's lime green, a color that I am obsessed about.
2. My flower beads are some of my favorite beads that I make.
3. It has a really cool finding from Kristi Evenson of Coliebug beads.
I am including my photo of the necklace too, because I think it shows the use of the finding better and that's what I love most about this necklace. Kristi make different styles of these rings that are super cool. She makes each one individually from sterling silver, she antiqued mine. She is a glass bead maker, a silversmith, and a jewelry designer, if you ever get a chance to see her at a show you will fall in love with her work, I have.


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